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Anybody think Gm 2 was OVER OFFICIATED?

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Face-offs are ridiculous. Hover your hand, drop an object and get out of the way. Wtf is so hard?!?

Because too many players (on both teams) are encroaching on the faceoff circle before the puck is dropped, trying to get an edge to get to the puck first and win the draw/control the play. This is why the centers keep getting tossed. You want the linesman to just drop the puck regardless of who's jumping into the circle early? I bet you'd change your tune if it were a Shark who jumped in early, helped win the draw, got a quick shot off and scored a goal. If all you want is quick draws, then why bother having the other players on the ice not taking the faceoff stay outside the circle at all? May as well let them all in there together and indiscriminately jab at the puck, huh?

Yeah, I agree that the faceoff delays are a PitA, but if both teams would stop trying to cheat on the draw this wouldn't be as much of an issue. The linesmen are doing the best they can to keep it fair for both teams, which is why both team keep getting tossed from the circle.

If they want to stop the teams from cheating as much they ned to start handing out delay of game penalties to the teams that get tossed twice in the same faceoff. That might curb some of the jumping in too early.

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I think for the past few seasons and playoffs have been over officiated. I really hope the League can do something about this and takes care of it this off season. They need to just let the players play. I'm not saying let things get out of hand or anything but I've seen a lot of penalties that from my view point shouldn't have been called for all the teams not just Detroit. Let the players play.

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