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Barnaby arrested

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on a more serious note, ESPN dropped Barnaby's contract today, as discussions are underway about deporting him back to Canada.


Wow, get some help, please.

"... and that country's refusal to accept him, well..."


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that's gonna leave a mark.

My cousin was caught drunk driving with a flat tire and nearly driving on the rim. He got caught about 1/4 mile from his house. He started out about 15 miles from home, has no recollection of having a flat tire so he doesn't know how long he was driving on it. After bailing out he got his car out of the pound and found that the flat tire had slapped the quarter panel so much that the paint was gone. Thank God he didn't hurt anyone and was before mad moms so it wasn't to costly a lesson. Glad to say it was a lesson he learned from.

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Deportation may be next, huh?

It could be the DA's office or just the local media speculating. What my local friend there told me is that when Barnaby beat up his wife's garage door - rather than her, one assumes - the authorities in Buffalo discussed deportation. I suspect Canada isn't pleased. :P

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