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Ok here is what I don't get

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Let's see.

Game 1. We hold a 1-0 lead until the last period and then lose in OT. I was in Troy at the Mariott watching during Penguicon, 1,407 Miles from here in Arkansas.

Game 2. SJ gets goals on some lucky bounces to shooters and one bounce past Howard

Game 3. We didn't come out well at all, skated and handled the puck poorly at home.

Game 4. OK, we prolonged the series

Game 5. We did what?!?!?!

Game 6. Came back in the 3rd with 2-3 quick goals and SJ's top two lines generated nothing.

Game 7. SJ Runs their top 2 lines most of the night, while Cleary and Bert go down with injuries.

Keep in mind that during games 6 and 7, their top 6 played a ton of minutes, and that really showed in the Vancouver series in the WCF. Thornton, Heatley, Setoguchi, Marleau, Pavelski all played a lot of time, 3rd and especially 4th lines were nowhere to be found.

And the biggest difference of all? The penalty calling was a lot more fair this year than last. Remember all the 5 on 3s from the 2010 series???

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i think grit and toughness plays a small role. in the playoffs players go hard. lately i think teams that like to bang have been doing better in the playoffs than softer, often more skilled, teams. there are some exceptions but physicallity to wear down other teams and not get worn down urself has always played a role in playoff hockey.

IMHO those teams that can play rough & tough hockey along with a fair amount of skill will win the Cup 4 outa 5 times.

Don't kid yourselves; for all the whistle blowing throughout the reg season the refs tend to allow the players more room to play (as in get away with stuff) more so thus allowing teams that can combine the 2 traits a bit of an edge.

Regardles of the salary cap our 1997 Cup team would pummel the 2008 team each and every time.

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