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  1. Jericho613


  2. Jericho613

    ECQF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning, 7:00 EST

    I feel the same way. I just don't understand what the plan is for this team. I would have love to see what Mantha could do in a playoff game, even if its just to put him out there on the power play. But if our season does end tonight then I hope we find a way to clean this roster up for next season during the summer. Whatever it takes to get out of some of these bad contracts. This could possibly be the last playoff appearance we see for a while. Go Wings!!!!!!!! Give everything you got.
  3. Jericho613

    ECQF Game 3 GDT : Tampa Bay Lightning at Red Wings, 7:00 EST

    I agree. I just want to know what our plan is. If Blashill was suppose to be the coach that played the kids and took this team into the future with the young talent then it doesn't seem like it. I'm losing faith in Holland with his team management, look what kind of teams Yzerman and Nill created with their team management. .
  4. Jericho613

    ECQF Game 2 Post-GDT: at Tampa Bay 5, Red Wings 2

    Do you guys remember when Yzerman was getting slower with the bad knee? He would play with the 3rd line grinders so that the other teammates could get some ice time and be effective.. I wish Z would just stay on the 3rd or 4th line he's gotta know hes not that same player anymore, let AA , Larkin and Mantha lead the youth charge win or lose. I know we aren't gonna contend for a cup, that's years away for the talent we will need. But I would enjoy the playoffs just to see what we have in the kids that atleast is worth watching and to see how we match up with the youth Yzerman put together for Tampa Bay. But instead its the same old lineup that barely wins a game anymore if at all. Maybe that scrum last night will light a fire.
  5. Jericho613

    ECQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning, 7:00 EST

    I'm off to work. I believe we can beat Tampa Bay, but I really wish Blashill would just play the younger guys, switch up the damn lines and sit some dead weight. Oh Well. Go Wings!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we can steal one on the road.
  6. Jericho613

    ECQF Game 1 GTD: Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning, 7:00 ET

    Playoff time again, I love it. Go Wings!!!!!!! Got my Dats jersey on again, if we win i'm just gonna roll with it every game. Have fun guys, hope we will be talking about a huge win tonight.
  7. Jericho613

    4/9 GDT : at Rangers 3, Red Wings 2

    I'm glad we make it 25years, but if we are gonna have any chance in the playoffs Blash has got to lean more on youth and speed. Have a great night guys, I know its not much of a celebration backing into the playoffs but hey that's just the way this year has gone. Wouldn't it be funny if all of a sudden the Wings turn into a great playoff team.
  8. Jericho613

    4/6 GDT : Philadelphia Flyers at Red Wings, 8:00 ET

    Awesome, have a good night everyone, Great Win, Go Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Jericho613

    4/6 GDT : Philadelphia Flyers at Red Wings, 8:00 ET

    Got my Dats Jersey on. Let's get this win. Go Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Jericho613

    Pittsburgh: America's hockey capital? Lol

    Growing up in Michigan, and having family from Pennsylvania, I had two favorite hockey players as a kid. Steve Yzerman and Mario Lemieux. Wings have always been my number one team and the Penguins my number two. But most people from what i've seen visiting Pitsburgh all these years don't care about the Penguins unless they are close to winning something. They are more Steelers and Pirates fans. So no way are they America's hockey town.
  11. Jericho613

    2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

    I see Chicago suffering when the Kane and Toews contracts start .Especially if the salary cap ever goes down lower than 71million. I see the Kings or Ducks, coming on strong for a cup run next year. The East doesn't seem like it has any scary teams like the West. Maybe Tampa comes back, maybe Montreal or New York. I Think its gonna be the Ducks though. With that said, I don't like the Hawks at all, but Marian Hossa is one of my favorite players and I'm glad his name will be on the cup 3 times.
  12. Jericho613

    2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

    I'll be more impressed if they win another cup with the huge contracts coming on the boards from Toews and Kane. They are favored to win the cup again next year but they won't. I look for teams to come in and pick at a few of their restricted free agents like vultures cuz they know the hawks are gonna be hard pressed against the cap.
  13. Jericho613

    Players who might be available due to teams cap issues

    Amen to that.
  14. Jericho613

    Who is the coach next season?

    I'm kinda of tired of Babcock personally. Just go, seriously. The Wings are not that bad like people make it out to be. They win game 4 we just took out a top team in the playoffs. Do we need adjustments at key positions? Yeah. Every team wants a top 6 power forward and a top pairing D-man. I say just roll the dice bring up Blashill and play the kids, if we miss the playoffs fine. I really believe that if we filled out our roster with kids from Grand Rapids instead of some over paid Free Agents, we would be a damn good team.
  15. Jericho613

    Who is the coach next season?

    Yeah it almost sounds like i'm off this sinking ship. And if so have fun somewhere else. Maybe Blashill will play the kids and we can see what kind of talent we really have.