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Who will replace the retired Wings?

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finally an article that doesn't state that hockey armageddon is coming to destroy motowns dynasty... every non-wings fan thinks they're f***ed. it's good to see that someone finally did their homework before trash talking the wings. the wings are fine for the years to come...just look at all the prospects and you know they'll be fine. and holland fills the holes needed through free agency and doesn't overpay players so he can build winners.

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Only a limited amount of research was done methinks; as the article mentions that Holland re-signed "youngster" Joey MacDonald, who is a 31 year-old journeyman backup. There is also no mention of Daniel Larsson or Petr Mrazek, as the article makes it seem as if Pearce and McCollum are the organization's goaltending future, sink or swim.

For Kris Draper, the article effectively states "In the future, Kris Draper's role will be filled by the guys who pushed him out of the lineup because they are better at being Kris Draper than Kris Draper is."

Finally, the article is sort of two-faced. It can't seem to decide whether it is dealing with long-term replacement or here and now. Ian White won't ever be Brian Rafalski good, but Brendan Smith might. So what exactly is the article about?

Maybe I'm being so critical of it because I used to be a copy editor, but it just doesn't seem to be anything more than a "the Wings have some players. Oh, and they have some prospects. They might play these guys." I'm starting to think that maybe blueadams wrote the article.

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