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9/23 Exhibition GDT: Philadelphia Flyers 3 at Red Wings 1

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Same comment said by one of the commentators during the Pittsburgh game.

really?? i must have been watching a different feed. not sure how they could have fit that in their commentating.

malkin malkin malkin MALKIN malkin terroize malkinmalkin!

Yo, Drum -

The minus here is my fault. Shoulda been a plus. I was on my I-Pad and hit the minus instead. I totally agree about Pittsburgh's announcers. As in, "Look at Malkin terrorizing them out there". Give.me.a.break.

Sorry 'bout that! :blush:

no problem. i'm surprised i don't get more of those.


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If you watch Versus/NBC you get used to the very same thing.

Personally, I can't tolerate that.

Yeah, it bugs me on VS how the NEVER talk about the actual game. They talk about random stories about people they once ran into 30 years ago that I've never heard of. They talk about the childhoods of each and every player on the ice. And they usually miss the big stuff because they're rambling about something else.

Anyways, haven't seen any of the games, but honestly don't put much stock in the preseason. Didn't Leino tear it up two years ago? Even though I've been hearing good things about Brunnstrom, I still can't shake the Leino 2.0 feeling.

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It was a pretty lackluster effort. I was hoping to see more out of Brendan Smith.

That being said...

It was probably going to be my only game at JLA this year barring a miracle. My buddy got us the company seats in the Legends Club. Very nice. Got to meet Ken Daniels. He's a great guy.

So yes it was a lackluster effort but it was a Red WIngs game in the cathedral of hockey if only for a September night

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