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  1. Jersey Wing

    2019 Trade Deadline

    TSN listed their top 50 trade targets. Nyquist checks in at #8 but other Wings made the list
  2. Brilliant effort! I was there the night the Wings came back from 6-0 down to tie Mario's Penguins. The Joe was insane. And just like that
  3. Someone posted this on Twitter from I-70 yesterday and it's just chilling. We all winter drive around here and we hope we're never in one of these (I have been, on I-96 at Creyts Rd WB)
  4. What about Denzel Valentine's game winner vs OSU on, would you look at that, Valentine's Day
  5. I've always wondered who would make a Super Bowl first, the Lions or Browns. It's like every 7 years the window for each team changes on the other, now the Browns are ascendent.
  6. Going into Nashville tonight, the Wings are just 2 points off the #1 overall pick. Besides a Red Wings fan I'm also a Browns fan. Oh, you'd better believe it's right and proper to hope for the #1 overall pick once you get to this miserable place in the season (That almost becomes the competition, don't try hard and beat the Bengals if the 49ers or Bears are playing a winning team). You can't tank but losses shouldn't upset you. The only way this team gets better is through the draft it appears. Give the new GM, whomever that might be, a #1 pick. Don't feel bad wanting it. Wins vs. Toronto and Montreal are still expected. If you do Fang Fingers you're out of the fort...
  7. Two Canadian college teams, the Acadia Axemen and St FX and a very eager cell phone fight announcer. WOW, what a view. A little Scotty vs Crawford flavor at one point. Again, headphones as you know, hockey language NSFW Another view and preceding fight:
  8. Jersey Wing

    2/1 TGIF GDT - Maple Leafs @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Also nice to get a Wings win on Red Kelly night
  9. Jersey Wing

    2/1 TGIF GDT - Maple Leafs @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    WIN, Danny DeKeyser!! (assists Nyquist, Athanasiou)
  10. So, it's been a while. I think they need to put Larkin on a line with Fedorov for speed
  11. Jersey Wing

    1/15 GDT - Wings vs Ducks

    I came here before the board went down and I was going to ask a question about the Ducks/Wings. Carlysle got a vote of confidence coming in on an 11 game losing streak (Wings made it 12). My question before this game was going to be, would Blashill survive an 11 game losing streak.
  13. Jersey Wing

    11/23 Black Friday Madness GDT - Wings at Caps - 4 PM ET

    I blame Matthew Stafford
  14. Jersey Wing

    11/23 Black Friday Madness GDT - Wings at Caps - 4 PM ET

    Michal Kempny? Even Michal Kempny's parents don't know what he does for a living. Let's go!