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  1. 1/25 GDT - Blackhawks @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST (NBCSN)

    When it gets this baaaaaad all one can do is laugh, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey take it away: If God dwells inside us, like some people say, I sure hope He like enchiladas, because that’s what He’s getting
  2. I hate the Phillies
  3. My guess is this, since the Wings aren't going to set the world on fire in the standings the next couple seasons there WILL be a number retirement to help connect the past of Olympia/JLA to LCA and 'create' some history at the new place. My hope is it would be Fedorov.
  4. 1/22 GDT - Red Wings @ Devils - 7:00 PM EST

    Lose 2, then good performance. lather, rinse, repeat. I try not to be too much of a negative Nancy but this season is wearing on me in general. I didn't even bother to go over to Newark tonight (nobody I knew wanted to go and I didn't feel like eating all those hot dogs by myself). Here's hoping this launches something but I'm reserving judgement
  5. 1/20 GDT - Hurricanes @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM EST

    Another Saturday night And we ain't got no points mon We've got goal scorers But we got no goals
  6. 12/27 GDT - Red Wings @ Devils - 7:00 PM EST

    This is not getting better. It's not bottomed out but it's not improving and one might think has already peaked. This same club going forward can't do much of anything up or down. It's not going to crash into the bottom 2 for a choice pick or 2, it's not going to the playoffs. I feel hard choices need to be made, NOW, and they aren't. Something has to be done. A trade, a big trade, a coaching change or even, *AHEM* a front office change. The current set-up cannot exist and succeed.
  7. 12/13 GDT - Bruins @ Red Wings - 8:00 PM EST (NBCSN)

    Call Detroit, tell them Bulls***
  8. 12/9 GDT - Blues @ Red Wings - 1:00 PM EST

    I don't think we're gonna play Photoshop anything again this year. It's early December and the lifeboats are filling up.
  9. 12/9 GDT - Blues @ Red Wings - 1:00 PM EST

    Paul Cavallini with the last Blues goal. Assists to Garth Butcher and Rick Meagher
  10. I know who turned in the Russians. Newman...
  11. Salary Cap to Rise at least 3 Million

    Here's CBC's entry in the story, a good read
  12. 11/24 GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers - 7:00 PM EST

    Wings certainly made an impression on Rags fans after the first period
  13. 11/22 GDT : Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red WIngs : 7:00 PM ET

    I like it and it's the closest we're going to have to a Photoshop war this season I fear.
  14. 11/22 GDT : Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red WIngs : 7:00 PM ET

    While the Wings are floating tonight I thought I'd share a story of a night before Thanksgiving game (back when I drank). The Wings were playing the Blues and we were about three rows up above the glass at the end the Blues shot at twice. This is before nets but not before the Blues had Al MacInnis. I'm not kidding, every time he wound up the people just above glass-line were cringing and trying to duck down behind anything we had, programs, pizza boxes, it was like a dangerous carnival ride. If you emerged unscathed it was all in good fun. We then hit the Post bar and closed it and then of course one must choose American or Lafayette Coney Island. It's at this point, as you're walking to your car at 4 am you see people coming out of the dark one, then two then small bunches and you realize, these people are here to work or get seats for the parade in a couple hours. That'll give you a jolt. your night ends as the next day begins.