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  1. Jersey Wing

    Babs got fired

    Oh I know, just fun to toss that around.
  2. Jersey Wing

    Babs got fired

    Blashill outlasted him
  3. Kind of early to pull Howard (again) with almost 3 to play
  4. This Columbus Head Coach, Rural Meyer, is really something.
  5. The Red Wings will retire #14 for Fabbri. not Shanahan
  6. I thought they did a markedly better job supporting the puck down low in their own end last night. The Oilers had some nice crisp passes from blue line to slot but down low the Wings did a very good job not getting outnumbered or putting themselves in no-win situations (Larkin turnover aside). Jimmy's puck control sure helped. It's just something that needs to become a calling card, not a one night event. They can't win many shootout games so everybody gets dirty down low.
  7. They have games in hand and like a blind squirrel may bump into a nut
  8. The Wings are now worst overall for draft seeding purposes
  9. I hear Putin is not only a big hockey fan but his favorite player is Marc Andre Fleury
  10. The Wings moved into second on Tankathon tonight and on the simulated lottery app it only took me one try to get Detroit the #1 overall pick so, Yzerman's a genius
  11. 5 spot. I will be opening my Fortune Telling & Soothsaying storefront in East Tawas
  12. The Wings could really take a step in the upper direction on that Tankathon website by giving up another 5 goals tonight.