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Filppula is "too nice".

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  1. 1. What is a "breakout year" for Fil in terms of points?

    • 45-50
    • 50-55
    • 55-60
    • 60+
  2. 2. How many points will Filppula score in 11-12?

    • 40-45
    • 45-50
    • 50-55
    • 55-60
    • 60+

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Unbelievable the way he's playing. Comes down to one word...


He's full of it. He's just so confident every time he steps on the ice, the way he skates he's forcing defenceman to back off, and with his hands he's making plays all the time. It's incredible to watch.

Well, that and playing in the top-6, with talented players, and on the wing. Instead of centering the 3rd line with non-scorers either side of him.

But good on ya Flip, always knew you had it in you, just wasn't sure if we'd ever see it.

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Filppula finished the preliminary round of the event with four goals in seventh games to tie for third among all players in the World Championships.
He ranks sixth in points with nine, one behind Red Wings' teammate Henrik Zetterberg of Sweden.
Filppula's four goals lead all nine Red Wings in the World Championships.


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