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Anyone else worried about Kronner?

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Okay so technically it was the elbow pad. Otherwise I am not sure what you were watching. You dont fall over and need help up after a chest to back hit.

That dazed look in his eye wasnt from his hurt pride. It was from the knock he took on the chin.

It wasn't an elbow, you do not know human anatomy

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I see no problem whatsoever with what Koivu did.

I too have no problem with the Koivu hit. It's at the border line, but on its legal side.

But how is it NOT an interference?!

That motherf***er Dave Jackson was yelling at Howard, instead of following the puck and, as a result, he totally missed an interference on Kronwall. At the same time, how on earth he could miss interference by Setoguchi? Especially, given all these calls he made on Homer in the same game!!

A bunch of so-called 'NHL Officials' are utterly incompetent individuals who should not be around NHL. In fact, they are incompetent even to collect unemployment benefits. But instead they regularly collect pretty fatty paychecks from NHL. And we are the ones who indirectly pay them...

These so-called 'NHL Officials' have undeniably influenced the outcome of last night game.

The worse of it, we will never see any disciplinary actions on Jackson and his colleagues.

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