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11/30 GDT : Lightning 2 at Red Wings 4

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Would have loved to see a penalty shot, but on second thought, I don't want to see Pav deke Rolle right out of his jock.

Pfffft. I'd like to see that all day long!

Is it sad that I've watched the replay of the Holmstrom goal about 15 times so far and I still can't get enough of it?

Not at all. It was a very pretty goal, which is extremely rare when it comes to Homer. :)

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This game was awesome to watch. The game last Wed was amazing to be at. I am really loving how the Wings are playing right now and Jimmy cannot get enough praise for what he is doing right now. I will actually give Ericcson some credit as that goal was nice but he turned around and turned it over 10 seconds later that gave the Bolts a scoring chance... that is what drives me bonkers about him.

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