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What kinda Shanaban is warranted?

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Ha! Was wondering how long it would take to have someone post this.

5 games. Deliberate charge, leaving the feet, plus he picked up a broken stick which is an automatic penalty... :ph34r:

Great hit though, it makes a change to seeing officials get run against the boards as they try to get out the way :)

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Shame Walkom didn't get knocked down himself. Hate that guy.

That's how it is with those types. You hate them when they're on the ice, but off the ice, they're just big teddy bears who visit sick children and animals. Their fellows love them and they are fan favourites. It's a tough and dirty job that they do, and they live in fear of being demoted for a more well-rounded referee, but it's at moments like this that they shine and provide us with the entertainment we all come to see.

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