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  1. Made a new desktop with Rainmeter

    New PC desktop. Be awesome to see anyone else's Wings themed backdrops.
  2. 10/05 GDT | at Red Wings 4, Minnesota Wild 2 (1st Game @ LCA)

    I hope this is a sign... two first goals in LCA: Mantha and Larkin. Frk getting an A
  3. 10/05 GDT | at Red Wings 4, Minnesota Wild 2 (1st Game @ LCA)

    Just thinking the same. I dunno if everyone is still taking in the concessions, etc, being opening night and all
  4. 10/05 GDT | at Red Wings 4, Minnesota Wild 2 (1st Game @ LCA)

    "This is by the Chevrolet entrance, they're all official Chevrolet parts. It's made by.... someone" I don't think he really knew where he was going with it.
  5. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    Genuine question: Are people as unwilling for Tatar at ~5 if Ericsson isn't getting 4.25 and Nyquist isn't getting 4.75? Do people think it's too much for Tatar because we're already handcuffed, or because it's just not worth it for him? The list of RFAs out there currently seem to put him in the lower portion of the top players based on numbers so hopefully whatever they get will force his hand a little. Never really 100% understand the process with RFAs lol. Also worth noting we get some cap relief next year on the Weiss buyout (I believe) - from around 2.5 to 1.6 hit. But we still keep that hit for 3 years.
  6. Zetterberg assists this past season

    No lie. Amazing to think Tatar went 9 games without a goal during the early stretch of the season. 30 goal scorer next year is for sure reachable. I know there's a lot of contract talk and that people don't want him for the money expected, but he ain't really the problem when we need guys like Gus to give something. Mantha-Z-Tatar is something I'm looking forward to next year.
  7. New arena construction updates

    Looking good dude. Out of interest, what drone do you use? Had a go on the Mavic recently and trying to decide between that and the GoPro Karma.
  8. Kucherov says some Tampa players "got their money and stopped working"

    I agree. Went to Game 7 and we weren't embarrassed at all. Just a night of bad bounces. I reckon these comments may be more a frustration of a Stanley Cup final, to a conference final, to missing the playoffs altogether. If after the final he felt the team didn't change or try to improve and inevitably went backward or were overtaken by other teams, then missing the playoffs this year probably hit him hard.
  9. Kucherov says some Tampa players "got their money and stopped working"

    I was thinking about this. In soccer over in the UK players contracts can reduce if the team gets relegated to the next division down. If the waiver rule can make it easier to send players down to the minors I'm sure a lot of bottom line players would work harder to keep their place. Currently 4th line players work hard as they're in the direct firing line, but 3rd and 2nd line players should feel that pressure too.
  10. Kucherov says some Tampa players "got their money and stopped working"

    Was candid enough to not name names, but also waited till he was in Russia before saying anything. Yzerman didn't seem too happy either. Cast it aside but said he wants these things dealt with internally and he'll talk to him when he gets back.
  11. Reading Tampa Bay Times this morning and Kurcherov told Russian paper Sovetsky Sport that some Tampa players "got their money and stopped working". He said some players overstayed in the team because they knew there was no competition for their place. He also criticised coaches for switching up lines too much when Stamkos got injured. The TBT claim that Kucherov signed a team friendly contract and now feels let down.
  12. Playoff Format Needs to be Changed

    This caught the press eye over here in the UK last month, in that they were talking about how the Rangers could actively look to lose in order to gain a playoff spot that pitched them against an Atlantic team rather than a Metro. Teams at the bottom tanking, teams at the top (mini) tanking lol. Genuine question... I know likely nothing needs to change, but what happens next year with the lopsided conferences (with the addition of LV)? Will the West play more games? I mean technically it reduces odds of making the playoffs from around 1-in-1.9 to 1-in-2 chance. But not for the East. Small difference so probably doesn't matter but still.
  13. Kovalchuk

    Wait... am I getting this wrong? Signed a 10 year contract in 2010... so why does a team have to take the contract until 2024/25?
  14. Is the right hockey move to trade Jonathan Toews?

    Ah okay, in that case yes, in a heartbeat. Unfortunately with his contract I don't think the market will be there. As I said, more likely to be there for Kane. Edit: the problem isn't even "10.5m is too much", it's 6 more years. He's 29 at the end of this month, and he could probably play to a good standard when he's 35. But man no one is taking that money for that term. Even if the market is there to move him, the next market isn't going to be and that will put some teams off
  15. Is the right hockey move to trade Jonathan Toews?

    No. Trade Kane. IDGAS (yes should also be a poll option lol) that Kane is top tier offensive guy, no one will take that Toews contract but someone will take that Kane contract - because it's Kane. If it's purely salary Kane is the guy to move. Also you can replace scoring for 10+m fairly easily, and replace again if it dries up. But also I don't think they're in as much trouble as some will after this loss. It's also worth noting how far Nashville have progressed so not that much of a #1 vs #8 shock.