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  1. This caught the press eye over here in the UK last month, in that they were talking about how the Rangers could actively look to lose in order to gain a playoff spot that pitched them against an Atlantic team rather than a Metro. Teams at the bottom tanking, teams at the top (mini) tanking lol. Genuine question... I know likely nothing needs to change, but what happens next year with the lopsided conferences (with the addition of LV)? Will the West play more games? I mean technically it reduces odds of making the playoffs from around 1-in-1.9 to 1-in-2 chance. But not for the East. Small difference so probably doesn't matter but still.
  2. Wait... am I getting this wrong? Signed a 10 year contract in 2010... so why does a team have to take the contract until 2024/25?
  3. Ah okay, in that case yes, in a heartbeat. Unfortunately with his contract I don't think the market will be there. As I said, more likely to be there for Kane. Edit: the problem isn't even "10.5m is too much", it's 6 more years. He's 29 at the end of this month, and he could probably play to a good standard when he's 35. But man no one is taking that money for that term. Even if the market is there to move him, the next market isn't going to be and that will put some teams off
  4. No. Trade Kane. IDGAS (yes should also be a poll option lol) that Kane is top tier offensive guy, no one will take that Toews contract but someone will take that Kane contract - because it's Kane. If it's purely salary Kane is the guy to move. Also you can replace scoring for 10+m fairly easily, and replace again if it dries up. But also I don't think they're in as much trouble as some will after this loss. It's also worth noting how far Nashville have progressed so not that much of a #1 vs #8 shock.
  6. Probs in that new dressing room... which is like 4x bigger than the Joe. Cray amount of room
  7. No kidding! It's even messing up the ad algorithm
  8. This is one of those things that makes me think... are we all just schmucks who don't know what the hell they're on about? Because people "in the know" seem to think this guy is pretty decent and maybe just needs time/a squad built for him. Or is he just an average coach who is somehow getting chances for no reason (other than everyone else is in the playoffs)?
  9. That's not the actual zamboni is it? In that, I swear it has Miller Lite written all over it, and no one seems to know what the hell is going on loooool Pretty neat stunt though!
  10. Nice chart. I notice it says "Note: The new Las Vegas franchise will be slotted at #3 for the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery" - I was under the impression that they had the same odds as #3 but couldn't fall any lower. But the chart has them going as low as 6th? For an actual simulator this is a pretty cool site -
  11. Oh man that is genius! Devil's advocate... that Celtics jersey still looks pretty sweet at least the ad fits with the rest of the jersey, unlike those European hockey ones. Guess I'm of a different ilk since in the UK advertising on sports jerseys is commonplace. However saying that, there have always been teams that have, for one reason or another (usually because certain countries have laws against advertising products on tv - mainly alcohol), worn jerseys without sponsors. Keeping on the green and white theme, Celtic FC sold their jerseys with the option to buy with or without a sponsor - EDIT: Celtic also played the 2012-13 season without a sponsor I believe -
  12. For me, living in the UK, the Olympics is always a great occasion to see the best players in the world on free TV, with real excitement. Not next year. Shame. Get money on Russia probably.
  14. Was gonna post in a new thread but I reckon it can go in here. Losing the streak means at least we now have one, final game to say goodbye to the Joe. It's not the way we wanted to say goodbye, but I'd have hated it if our last game of the season was on the road and not at JLA, Throw everything into the biggest send off we can and make that last game something really special. I mean, it's not ideal; that would be saying goodbye by winning the cup on home ice, but it also casts off the monkey on our backs that we knew was coming, and would have really sucked if the first season at the new arena was the season to break the streak. Real feeling of a new fresh start, what with loading picks at the deadline, not being a playoff team, new barn, youth movement going forward.
  15. Just as bad at the top as well, Rags don't want to win as 4th place in the Metro would be much better for them than 3rd-1st; rather play one of Montreal, Ottawa or Leafs than Pitts, Washington or Columbus. Craziness ensuing at the top and bottom! I mean, it even got a UK newspaper to talk about it.