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1/10 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Islanders 5

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I'm hoping Conks proves he can still play at a top level. I can't really bash on him even though he hasn't played too great the few times he has played this season but in the end, as long as they're playing for the winged wheel, I'll always support them regardless of how bad they can possibly play. In the end that's what being a fan is all about right? Also looking forward to Z stepping up to make up for Datsyuk not being there as he has done the past few Datsyuk-less occasions.

I know the Islanders are around the bottom but there are no more freebies nowadays. I remember a few seasons ago when the Wings were 1st in the league and Isles were dead bottom, we still got our asses handed to us haha. That being said, don't let your guard down Wings!

Red Wings 4 (Zetterberg, Franzen, Filppula, Miller)

Islanders 1


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Good Detroit pace so far.

This will bring a smile to everyone's face, a Chicago fan's comment on YouTube -

bandwagon? u mean like red wings fans? yeah thats the team everyone bandwagons, before 2010 we won nothing since 1961 and u got the nerve to call us bandwagon fans, im a chicago supporter full force, ive been a hawks fan my whole life and aint no bandwagoner dumbass dumptoilet ****** get the f*** lost and detroit does suck wtf u gonna do about it? cry? is that what i see? do u have tears running down your face because you live in denial that detroit ******* sucks?


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