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  1. New arena construction updates

    Video from 8.16
  2. New arena construction updates

    Combo video update:
  3. New arena construction updates

    They were testing the jewel skin projection system last week:
  4. Farewell To Joe Louis Arena

    Thanks man. Glad you like it. I will be posting video and pic updates to the blog soon. Also, when they start tearing the Joe down I'll document that whole process for anyone that can stomach to look at it.
  5. Farewell To Joe Louis Arena

    Since reality is setting in that the Joe is not long for this Earth, I had to fly my drone to 3d map the building so it will live on. 996 photos (around 5GB) make up this 12.02 gigapixel model. It took about 30 minutes total to capture over the course of 3 batteries. Probably somewhere around 5 miles total of flying zig zag back and forth across it to capture all angles.
  6. New arena construction updates

    360 degree aerial panorama I made from a flight Sunday evening
  7. New arena construction updates

    DJI Phantom 4. I'd recommend a DJI over the Karma.
  8. New arena construction updates

    Getting there
  9. 2017 WCQF: Nashville Predators vs. Chicago Blackhawks

    Wow. The hawks have as many goals in this playoffs as the Wings do.
  10. Man I'm bummed for you that you don't get to go to both games. I'd like to help you somehow. I live local to the area (arena about 20 miles away). I could try to put them on Craigslist or eBay for you. Of course there is an element of trust that would need to happen there. I have an eBay account of nearly 20 years with perfect standing with the same name as this account here. I could list it and then when it sells, you could email the tickets to the buyer so I would never see them. I would just need to get you the cash then. If you have PayPal I could send you the money. I could even show you around town if you want. Let me know what you think.
  11. SetecX

  12. New arena construction updates

    Hey guys. Almost 1 year away from completion now. This update here ( ) is probably the last one I will be able to have where you can actually see into the arena. I shall keep providing updates though. Crazy that 1 year ago, the place looked like this:
  13. New arena construction updates

    Hey everyone. Been a bit since I posted here but I still been making updates to the blog. Now I am offering videos in 4k resolution AND interactive 360 degree panoramas. Check it out:
  14. New arena construction updates

    Updated Roof trusses will be going up soon. They built a temporary support structure and have been assembling the huge trusses down in the bowl area.
  15. Uploaded some of my pics to the gallery.