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  1. SetecX

    New arena construction updates

    Complete construction aerial time lapse. Also my final video for this project.
  2. SetecX

    Pre-Season Games

    THIS. I was at the game and was on the concourse during the 1st intermission. They fired up the "horn" right before the start of the 2nd and immediately I was like, thats a recording. Was in my seat when the Wings scored and was like WOW they're seriously playing the goal horn through the speakers. It sounded weak and really underwhelming. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be fired immediately. Put the real goddamn horn in.....
  3. SetecX

    New arena construction updates

    Video of it open for business and lit up at night. Aside from my upcoming compilation time lapse, this is likely my last arena video.
  4. SetecX

    Opinions on LCA

    I was there for the preview on Saturday, the 5k on Sunday, and the first Kid Rock show on Tuesday. Overall, the place is stunning and like something out of a dream. I can't believe this is ours. I think people are going to love it. There were a lot of people walking around in awe. Now for the details, in no particular order. They say the internet bandwidth flowing into the arena is insane. Like enough to provide for all of southeast Michigan. I ran a test and got 75MB down on Sat with a light crowd. During the Kid Rock show I got 45MB down so it was still plenty good. Connectivity was fine despite the big crowd. The concourse is for the most part very wide and you don't feel cramped even when there are a lot of people. The bathroom situation is a huge improvement over the Joe. I had basically no wait at all. Even the ladies seemed to have very little wait. Food and drink prices are somewhat similar to the Joe. Maybe 2-3 bucks more for certain things. Nowhere near as offensive as Ford Field prices. I got a slice of Little Caesars for $4.25 and it was the size of a quarter of a whole pizza. Lots of food options and varieties. One thing I thought was cool was this place that had grab and go beer. Cooler full of a tall cans. Just grab em and pay at the checkout at the front. Quick, easy, no wait. The Chevy plaza outside is huge and I could see it being really cool to hang out out there even if you did not have a ticket. The screen is big and of real good quality. Behind it is the beer garden. Looks like you can freely come and go out there during events. Some neat hangout areas out there. The seats are a little bit wider and it seems like there is more leg room. Where I was sitting there was not another seat in front of me so I can't say just how much better it was. The portal system to get to your seating area is handy and takes a bit of confusion out. On the upper concourse, at the railing theres like a drink/food ledge that goes all the way around. Makes it handy to have some place to eat that is not just like the top of a trash can. As for the dazzle stuff. The jewel skin projection is awesome. It was showing motion graphics of the team and ads but down the road it should show video too. The ceiling in the arena bowl is insane. The LED grid is a killer feature. You won't give a s*** about the LED roof that we didn't get that you'd never see anyway. I can't wait to see hockey played in this place, even if the team is terrible. This is all I can think of off the top of my head.
  5. SetecX

    New arena construction updates

    Update from the first event ever at the arena:
  6. SetecX

    Little Caesars Sneak Peek

    Got some images from the preview today here
  7. SetecX

    New arena construction updates

    Video from 8.16
  8. SetecX

    New arena construction updates

    Combo video update:
  9. SetecX

    New arena construction updates

    They were testing the jewel skin projection system last week:
  10. SetecX

    Farewell To Joe Louis Arena

    Thanks man. Glad you like it. I will be posting video and pic updates to the blog soon. Also, when they start tearing the Joe down I'll document that whole process for anyone that can stomach to look at it.
  11. SetecX

    Farewell To Joe Louis Arena

    Since reality is setting in that the Joe is not long for this Earth, I had to fly my drone to 3d map the building so it will live on. 996 photos (around 5GB) make up this 12.02 gigapixel model. It took about 30 minutes total to capture over the course of 3 batteries. Probably somewhere around 5 miles total of flying zig zag back and forth across it to capture all angles.
  12. SetecX

    New arena construction updates

    360 degree aerial panorama I made from a flight Sunday evening
  13. SetecX

    New arena construction updates

    DJI Phantom 4. I'd recommend a DJI over the Karma.
  14. SetecX

    New arena construction updates

    Getting there
  15. SetecX

    2017 WCQF: Nashville Predators vs. Chicago Blackhawks

    Wow. The hawks have as many goals in this playoffs as the Wings do.