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Red Wings Alumni lineup

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Fedorov needs to come home. He needs to see that 99.9999% of the fans here still love him and would LOVE to see the #91 grace the Winged Wheel again! Ya, it may not be for the REAL Wings, but still. This is a shot to get back in the mix in some form and maybe, just maybe, get back to the hearts of ALL of the fans and get his number hung up next to Lidstrom's eventual banner. He knows it, the Wings know it, we all know it...he needs to be here and he could come along with Larionov and Kozlov.

Hmm. Interesting. What makes you think up that number?

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That's what heard via twitter too. I wonder what the issue is.

Probably his knees.

I have been seeing Osgood, Vernon, and Hasek as possible goalies.

Draper and Maltby have said yes. They have asked Shanahan and possibly Hull.

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Nick Kypreos plays in the alumni game every year at the Winter Classic because he's played for just about every team that has ever played in it.

Just one of the reasons why he was nicknamed Forrest Gump, but that's another story ;)

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