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Guest Hatethedrake!

I have no issues if Joey becomes the backup. Lets just treat him like other backups in the league.

Look at Boston and New York for instance. Their backup goalies have played about 15 games so far. Thats an average of every 4th game. If they are going to keep Joey up, then they better play him to keep Howard fresh. There would be no excuse to not start Mac every so often. What I fear is that Howard comes back and they start him 10-12 times in a row and then give Mac a start. You have to keep them both in some kind of rotation where Howard starts 3 and then Joey gets a start or something like that. Otherwise, Mac could get cold sitting on the bench.

I think Babs will get Joey in every 5th game or so the rest of the way. He played Jimmy so much only because he had zero faith in Conklin. Now Jimmy can get in a groove down the stretch and not get worn out. :thumbup:

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I don't see how you can take Joey Mac out of the net until he loses. I like Jimmy, but as Mickey would say, MAC is "hotter than a firecracker" right now. Lets ride J-MAC until he loses a game!

Yeah, what a s***ty job Babcock has night-in and night-out. Hmm....which goaltender that can't do anything but win should I play tonight?

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