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Bring Back The Bruise Bros

Has Ovechkin Passed His Prime?

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Hard to evaluate Ovie's play when the org. as a whole is mediocre at best. It's something hard to identify, but, for whatever reason(s), I don't really ever real as though the Caps are the real deal. (Whereas, for example, the Pens are a clear threat almost every year). Perhaps it's because their star players are incredibly non-committal, perhaps it's because their GM can't really assemble a complete hockey club, even when he's got some of the best on the planet on entry-level contracts.

It's dangerous when you get that 1st or 2nd overall, because you're usually a cellar dweller and it's awfully tempting to take a 'go with what you know' approach with a player like Ovie. Nobody told him otherwise. Who was captain of the Caps when Ovie showed up? I know they didn't have a good coach. Crosby had Mario, and others.

If Ovie had 'grown up' with the Wings these past 5 years or so, he'd be a much different player.

He was much better when his team was much worse though. He was much better when the team was much better as well....just pointing out that pinning it on the crappiness of the organization probably isn't a good reason.

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Personally I think it's because the capitals have changed their style in the past couple years. They used to just try to score as many goals as possible and win high scoring games. but now they're trying to shut down other teams when theyre up and trying to win games that are close and low scoring. Their old style just complimented Ovis playing style perfectly. And as mentioned before, the league has adapted for sure. Ovi just needs to change and adapt to the way things are now.. In no way is he past his prime whatsoever.

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