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  1. Off-season moves

    Few thoughts on Zetterberg (in comparison to Datsyuk situation): 1) I'm not sure many felt he'd be finishing this contract when he signed it (was pretty borderline where NHL could have not accepted the deal if you ask me). Several others signed similar contracts (like Crosby and Ovechkin....but they were several years younger, so finishing the contracts were not really questions for them). 2) If he does leave before the end of his contract, would leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth (if he's healthy), but not really that bad at all in contrast to Datsyuk's situation because of #1 above and because he'd leave not to go play somewhere else (assuming). 3) Having him go to LTIR in 2 years will be highly unlikely, would be met with significant scrutiny and likely wouldn't go through.
  2. Howard 2017 Starting Netminder

    I agree, goalies are different, but I think goalies' shelf lives are shorter, not longer. There are examples of goalies having great years later in their 30s, but those are few and far between I think and they are also more one offs (i.e. you don't typically see a string of several good years). This isn't backed up by any statistical analysis though.
  3. Non Stanley Cup Seasons that were the most shocking

    Huh? They absolutely obliterated teams so much they finished in 9th place overall? Edit....and the team they lost to in the playoffs was a higher seed....
  4. KHL Struggling Financially

    Perhaps my direct use of "no one" went too far. I was merely using a discussion with a Russian guy (who is basically the guy in the media with a reputation as being the go to guy for knowledge on Russian hockey and Russian players)
  5. KHL Struggling Financially

    This has no impact at all on the NHL. The KHL is not seen as much of an alternate to the NHL or competitor. Some may have thought that years ago as a potential, but it's just not going to happen. No one, not even Russians think it is a league that could compete for talent with the NHL
  6. Non Stanley Cup Seasons that were the most shocking

    Was going to say the same thing....95/96 was the year for me....I was thinking they were going to steamroll through the entire playoffs. I think a big part is due as well to the fact that they were 40+ years from the last cup win at that point and it looked like it would come to an end. The year before against the Devils could have been a choice as well....but heading into the playoffs I didn't have the same feeling (perhaps because it was a shortened reg season...they always feel different). Shocking though because they only lost 2 games through the first 3 rounds and then got swept in the finals (this may have been the birth of the trap where teams starting seeing this as a way to win)
  7. Get Ready for McDavid Hype Machine

    The issue is really internal with the players....if McDavid takes a large amount, there is less left to pay the rest of the players, no impact to owners.
  8. Ken Holland "We protected our best goaltender"

    Perhaps you can "factually" state that Ouellet provide more offense last season (12 pts vs. 7pts), he also did in in 66 games vs. Sproul's 27 games. I'm not really getting into the who's better argument, but I think I'd agree, right now, XO has been better. He hasn't been better offensively though and there are factual stats to back that up (last 5 seasons in all leagues, junior, AHL and NHL): Sproul - reg season - 321 gp, 50g, 121pts (0.16gpg, 0.38ppg), playoffs - 30gp, 6g, 19pts (0.20gpg, 0.63ppg) Ouellet - reg reason - 329 gp, 24g, 95pts (0.07gpg, 0.29ppg), playoffs - 49gp, 10g, 26pts (0.20gpg, 0.53ppg)
  9. In my opinion, I don't think the signing really does much to move the team forward. I don't think it hurts any forward progression, but I don't think it helps either. He'll make the team better this year, but I don't think that should really be the focus, the team won't be good enough to compete for the Cup in the next few years, so making the team better right away won't really do much because you can't make the team that much better. Just my opinion and I could be totally never know, sometimes teams ramp up very, very quickly and then fall really quickly because they can't keep the team together.
  10. Ken Holland "We protected our best goaltender"

    I don't get the semantics here...the guy is an offensive defenseman at this point....period. The better analogy is to look at highly skilled forwards (offensive guys) who are being seasoned in the AHL. Until a top 6 spot opens up for them, it doesn't necessarily make sense to call them up to fill in on the 3rd or 4th line as that would not be their role. You plug them in to the NHL before they are ready, they may produce very little offense....that doesn't mean they are not offensive players. Doesn't mean he'll always be considered an offensive defenseman, but if he's not, it would mean a shift in his game. 28 games at the NHL level being used to assess someone is absurd. However, for the sake of looking at stats, which are somewhat meaningless in this small sample size, he had the 3rd highest PPG stat amongst defensemen on the Wings last season (very, very, very close to a tie at #2).
  11. Ken Holland "We protected our best goaltender"

    Umm....what are you talking about?
  12. Get Ready for McDavid Hype Machine

    Where did you get that information? I don't think it's even close. Max deal Crosby could have signed was $14M I think....max for McDavid is $15M. If I look at cap history, the cap for the up coming year when Crosby signed was $60M or so, but I think that was post-CBA adjustment (was actually $70.2M when he signed). Even if you were to use a cap of $60M, Crosby's deal was significantly more discounted than McDavid's....if he actually gets 13.25M.
  13. One that got away?

    5 years in junior.....not sure how many effective players in the NHL have ever spent that much time in junior.
  14. Hossa's Career Might Be Over Already

    Not an obvious yes and not an obvious no either. He has 500+ goals and 1,000+ points and 3 cups, but is well under 1ppg and has no individual awards....never considered one of the best. He's just been really, really good over a long period of time. I think he'll probably get in, but if it was me, I'd lean to saying no (he's better than some that are already in though)....his highest finish in hart voting is 10th.
  15. What Are the DRW Building?

    What 23 playoff goals?