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  1. Going to call complete BS on this regarding refs. It's all about perspective. One could argue the Caps got away with a lot more than the Pens did. The reality is that it was a typical playoff reffed game. Always drives me crazy that the rules are different in the playoffs and the rules are different late in the 3rd period of a playoff game than they are in the 1st period. In the last 5 minutes of the 3rd, the only penalty that was going to be called would have been a puck over the glass and it went both ways (including Ovechkin running over Fleury).
  2. His stats are not really eye opening, but decent. However, the big issue is that he put up decent stats as a 21 year old playing in junior. I'm not sure there are many NHLers (decent ones anyway) that played junior at the age of 21. The Crosby's of the world are out of junior by 18, the really good players are done by 19, after that you are into borderline guys and they often end up in AHL if not NHL by 20...very rare to have 21 year old playing junior and then jumping to NHL....but you never know.
  3. You mean after laying on the ice, having to be helped off....only to come back perfectly fine? There was never anything wrong with him.
  4. I think that is possible as well and it would screw the Hawks because they'd be stuck with his $5.3M cap hit still.
  5. Only technicality 1993, the #1 Hawks got swept by the #4 Blues, but if you look at the entire conference, Hawks were #1 and Blues were #8
  6. Interestingly, could be the 1993 Hawks?
  7. Looks like the Hawks are on their way to being up there for fewest goals scored in a best of 7 playoff series. Minnesota only scored 1 goal in 2003, so the Hawks won't have the record....damn....just as I'm writing this, with 5 min to go in the game, they score, so now they have 3 in the entire series...still low.
  8. Did you just say Kronwall is maybe HOF material? Is there a single argument for this at all?
  9. He's not going to be looking for a 1 year deal, so I think that option isn't worth discussing. Montreal will probably sign him to a 4-5 year deal and likely overpay....if not them, someone else.
  10. I must admit, it would be pretty cool around here to see to the Leafs win the cup, the city might actually implode.
  11. I live in Burlington as well and saw a ton of Leafs jerseys at the Go Train stations on my way home last night (Clarkson, Oakville, Bronte and Appelby). That said, with the kids, I'm not so sure. I have an 8 year old son and him and a lot of his friends tend to be big on Crosby, Ovechkin and now McDavid. I think the drafting of Matthews will start to make a big difference though.
  12. Incredibly poor judgment to have him playing after that....broken bones in your face, especially near your eye are dangerous. Lawsuit waiting to happen if something would have gone wrong.
  13. Voting finished last week though.
  14. I find the WSH crowd extremely annoying. They boo and chant "refs you suck" every little thing that goes uncalled. There were at least a couple times tonight a WSH player committed a pretty obvious being Oshie just running Andersen over...they go crazy because WSH doesn't get a powerplay...I think the complaint was that Andersen was punching at Oshie to get him off.
  15. If the cross check was in the side of the head maybe, but it was mostly shoulder and caught neck/head on carry through. I think that only deserves a game, but especially with the second shot. 5 games is too much. He likely won't get any though.