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  1. toby91_ca

    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    BS...Rask had absolutely no chance at stopping the puck, any contact was meaningless. Call on the ice was good goal, so no chance that gets overturned....if call on the ice was interference it probably would have stood though...not sure if you can challenge that or not. the Bruins goal was offside pretty clearly from what I can see...but maybe not clear enough...another one of those, keep call on ice unless it’s obviously wrong.
  2. toby91_ca

    NYI vs PIT - Series Thread

    Most people are calling it a huge upset, but that just goes to show how little respect the NYI have been given. They were the higher seed coming into the series, why is it an upset that they win? Because of some of the names on the team they were playing against? I think the reason most think it was an upset is because a lot felt PIT just coasted through the regular season and would flip the switch come playoffs...didn't happen. I think it's a shocker that they were swept, but not surprised NYI won, could have gone either way in my mind. The huge upset was TB....might be historical.
  3. toby91_ca

    Interesting stat for fight fans

    He retired a couple months ago.
  4. toby91_ca

    Met Jamie McLennan last night (Includes Yzerman News)

    That was McLennan's last few seconds in the NHL.
  5. Yes, understand what you are saying, but the thread is really about goal scoring....I know that's not what this particular part was about. If you look at the greatest goal scorers, I suspect most of them are very streaky goal scorers....just the nature of it.
  6. 80% is probably a bit much to ask....not sure about most consistent scorers, Crosby is up there I would think in that category, but I simply checked Kucherov for this year, for obvious reasons....he's only scored in 75% of his games played....not to say "only", I think 75% is probably pretty good....just pointing out 80% is an aggressive target.
  7. Not sure about that. Can go the other way sometimes as well. If you are a decent player on a bad team, you are probably the go to offensive guy, getting all the opportunities (ice time, PP time, etc.). If you go to a good team, you may get the chance to play with better players now and get more scoring chances that way, but you may also fall down on the hierarchy list and not get the ice time, PP time, etc. anymore. Very small sample size, but you already see some of this with San Jose, his PPG was 0.79 with DET this year, it's 0.46 with SJ
  8. Agreed, but I think expectations were potentially higher for him when his first real start with the Wings was 28 goals and 48 points in 57 games as a 24 year old. He hasn't grown from there at all....he's gone downhill.
  9. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?
  10. toby91_ca

    News From Around the NHL

    Ottawa is doing too well as sucking though for the Wings to finish lower I think.
  11. toby91_ca


    Assume this is a joke simply to remove the current last place team so Detroit is then in last place and has best chance at #1 pick. Being serious though....I wouldn't want a relegation system....maybe because I'm not used to it, keep it the way it is mentality, but also, teams aren't actually that weak anymore. Ottawa is on pace for 61 points this year, they finished with 24 points in 92-93.
  12. toby91_ca

    2019 Draft

    I'm guessing he gets traded after the playoffs
  13. toby91_ca

    News From Around the NHL

    My philosophy is that the fans pay everyone's paycheck.....they bought tickets, they have the right to boo.
  14. toby91_ca

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Being groomed in the system for a LONG time doesn't mean you deserve higher picks.....teams have to want said players enough to give up more for them. They weren't valuable enough to get more than they got.
  15. In the world of professional sports...yes, it is that long ago. In fact, longer than the average NHLer's entire career.