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  1. toby91_ca

    BEST view of a hockey brawl ever (NSFW language)

    Interesting....I was going to say that I used to watch a ton of games with these teams participating. I knew lots of guys that play for both of these teams and other teams in the AUS. Games were never that crazy like this, but now I see it is something out of the ordinary that sparked it. Junior games are normally more rough, whether it's Major Junior, Junior A or Junior B (or at least used to be).
  2. toby91_ca

    Just for fun where are we at the All Star break

    I totally get that it's a negotiation and he's giving that out in return for something, but I think it's completely fair to criticize how often he gives these out, especially considering that it doesn't appear that he's getting value in return. For example, there are several cases when I see him sign someone that I think the cap hit is too high...ok, maybe it's a shorter looks too long as well.....then on top of that, he gives the NTC as well.
  3. toby91_ca

    Just for fun where are we at the All Star break

    Ummm....there are something like 9 or 10 players on the team with NTC's and a lot of those contracts are for longer terms and for more money than most would like, so I'm not sure what you are suggesting makes sense. Edit: I checked just to see if Detroit truly had more than most teams and they certainly do. - 22 teams have 6 or less - 4 teams have 7 (1 is ARI though, so I wouldn't count them as they picked up those contracts to get to cap floor, aren't really paying anything...5 of the 7 are on IR) - 2 teams have 8 - CHI has 9 - DET and TBL have 10
  4. toby91_ca

    All Star Weekend Idea

    I'd watch something like that for about 5 minutes just to see the horror. Honestly though, I think "fixing" all star weekend shouldn't be a topic anyone spends time on. I think what they are doing is fine, I enjoy some of, don't enjoy other parts of big deal. The weekend is really for the kids, leave it at that. It's not like all the other pro leagues put on spectacular all star weekends and somehow the NHL is broken. NHL is the only one I spend any time watching. Mostly because that's my sport, but also because I think the other leagues do a worse job with it.
  5. toby91_ca

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    I have no issues with it going to Ovie, but could have just as easily gone to Kuznetsov. Ovie had 15g and 27pts vs. Kuznetsov's 12g and 32pts. In the finals, Ovie had 5pts vs. Kuznetsov's 8pts, but he had 3 goals vs. Kuznetsov's 1. Sometimes I'd default to the centreman if it's close because it's a more important position (but not sure Kuznetsov really plays the overall type game or not...), sometimes you default to the captain as well if you want a tie breaker because a lot of times they are carrying a bigger load than just scoring (again, similar to Kuznetsov at C, I'm not close enough to the team to make the call as to whether Ovie is your typically C type guy) I just go by stats with them and figure it's a toss up.
  6. toby91_ca

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    We all know they are....yes.....but the main point is.....he had 29 goals in 32 games, people thinking he had a chance for 50 in 50 or he's a lock for 50 or 60 goals because of that pace.....people getting laughed at because they say he has a "chance" at 50, like thinking he might not get there is stupid....that's not the case at all.
  7. toby91_ca

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    And he only scored in 2 of the 16 games prior to last never really know. Take Laine for example, he scored 21 goals in his first 24 games and has scored 4 goals in his last 24.
  8. toby91_ca

    Just for fun where are we at the All Star break

    Wings have 45 points, not 43 and 17 ROW, not 16.
  9. toby91_ca

    Your Favorite Defenseman 2 Years From Now

    It's likely something you'd have a very difficult timing finding evidence of, even if it was true.
  10. toby91_ca

    Your Favorite Defenseman 2 Years From Now

    Not so sure about that. He missed 3 games in his rookie season with the flu....played all other 79 games. In 2nd season, he missed 21 games with a broken leg....played all other 61.
  11. toby91_ca

    Sergei Bobrovsky

    Pretty sure this nothing to do with Torts, he was simply being asked because he’s the coach and the guy that would comment on lineup for upcoming game
  12. toby91_ca

    Vote for Larkin!!

    Not sure what you mean
  13. toby91_ca

    Rick Nash retires -- concussions just too much

    Concussion are scary. I see Hornqvist on PIT is concussed again....not sure how many times he's been out with a concussion, but it seems like a lot.
  14. toby91_ca

    2019 Draft

    With Philly, its mostly goaltending, but also some underperformance / lack of depth. With LA, it's mostly age and bad goaltending.
  15. toby91_ca

    The Elite Dylan Larkin

    Perhaps it's just how I look at what makes a player "Elite", but I fundamentally have a problem with your statement. You're either elite or your not. If you need certain players to play with to boost your stats, then you are not elite in my mind. Doesn't mean Larkin won't get to elite status, but if he gets there in my mind, it will be regardless of who he plays with.