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2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

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I didn't even notice the Burrows celebration at the game. I was watching Luongo fall to his knees and pretend like he won something important. The Burrows stunt was obnoxious even for a diving jackass like him. The Canucks do realize the streak was already in place right? Their win didn't suddenly stop history.

If the Red Wings get the Sharks and Canucks both in the playoffs, I can't imagine how many times the Wings will end up short-handed.

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Mike, I literally laughed out loud at those clips. Thank you! Pictures are indeed worth a 1000 words.

The Nucks are lucky they got out of town before the Detroit fans took to the streets to riot over the streak ending...

Oh, wait. Red Wings fans don't do that... ;)

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