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  1. Jaymister

    1/31 GDT - Sharks @ Red Wings - 8:00 PM EST

    Is it just me or is Helm grossly overpaid?!
  2. Jaymister

    Bryan Murray passes away at 74

    http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/former-senators-gm-coach-bryan-murray-dead-74/ Bryan Murray succumb to his battle with cancer today. This totally sucks, he was a great hockey mind and it seemed a good person as well.
  3. Jaymister

    Sabres acquire Beaulieu for pick

    Because Petry has a NMC they would have had to decide between protecting Beaulieu and Emelin. Tough choice, but they still got fleeced in this trade.
  4. Jaymister

    Flames acquire Mike Smith

    It's hard to compare Elliot who played on a really good team in stlouis to Smith who played on a really bad team in Arizona. I think Smith could definitely be an improvement, if he plays like he's capable of.
  5. Jaymister

    Sabres acquire Beaulieu for pick

    Sabres get Nathan Beaulieu for a third round pick in this years draft. Seen this on sportsnet.ca. This is a steal for Buffalo, Nathan is a first round draft pick and his numbers have continued to improve in the NHL. This trade makes no sense to me from Montreal's perspective.
  6. Devils get Mirco Mueller and a 2017 fifth round pick and the sharks get a 2017 2nd round pick and 2017 fourth round pick acquired from Nashville. Seen this also on sportsnet.ca. Mueller is a former first round draft pick, he's only played 54 games for the sharks and his offensive numbers are low in the NHL and the AHL. I expect he will get more minutes in Jersey, we will have to see if he improves.
  7. Jaymister

    Flames acquire Mike Smith

    Flames get Mike Smith in exchange for the rights to Chad Johnson, prospect Brandon Hickey and 2018 conditional third round pick. I seen this on sportsnet.ca. Hickey was a third round pick. Interesting trade, Smith is 35, but might have a few good years left in him and I expect his numbers will improve on a better team.
  8. Jaymister

    Drouin for Sergachyov

    Montreal wins this trade in the short term, but Tampa could easily still come out on top in the long term. Sergachyov and Drouin I think could easily turn out to be close to wash when it comes to helping their new teams. So the picks could end up being the difference of who wins this trade. If Tampa ends up keeping the 2nd round pick, they could win the trade long term.
  9. And everyone on here thought this series was over! Not so fast
  10. Jaymister

    2017 ECQF: Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    Jackets in 7, goaltending will be the difference.
  11. Jaymister

    2017 ECQF: New York Rangers vs. Canadiens de Montréal

    Subban got traded for Shea Weber. My gut says rangers in six.
  12. Jaymister

    NHL will not participate in 2018 Winter Olympics

    Ovechkin has said if the NHL skipped the Olympics that he would go anyway. I think he was referring to the games in Russia, but it will be interesting to see if he and some other players from the NHL decide to go.
  13. Jaymister

    2/28 GDT - Red Wings 3, @ Vancouver Canucks 2 (OT)

    Yeah it was a fun night!
  14. Jaymister

    2/28 GDT - Red Wings 3, @ Vancouver Canucks 2 (OT)

    Went to my first live Wings game tonight! It was a pretty good game considering both teams are pretty much out of the playoff race.
  15. Jaymister

    1/24 GDT - Red Wings at Bruins - 7:00 PM EST

    Helm, Abby and Dekeyser to start ot?! Really and where was Mantha, hurt?