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The Rocket

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I know this is an old movie and it has very little to do with the Red Wings but I just purchased my copy of the DVD The Rocket "The Legend of Rocket Richard" and I have to say it is one of the best Hockey Movies I've ever seen. In fact 2 former Detroit Red Wings make guest apperances in the film. Sean Avery plays and enforcer by the New York Rangers though I can't remember just who exactally he plays as also Mathieau Dandeniult (sorry for mis-spelling) but he also plays in it and Mike Ricci I think we all remember him in Colorado he plays one of Richard's teammates in the film. The film was made in 05 I beleive and stars Roy Dupius. It is a great movie. They do make a few references to about the Red Wings seein as the time of the film is set in Original Six times. Just wanted to share and let anyone know that is looking for a good hockey movie that hasn't seen it that it's well worth at least renting but even more worth owning. I absolutley HATE the Montreal Canadieans but I do respect them as a team and it's a great Hockey Movie!!!!

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Definitely a great movie.

I rented it on Netflix back when you could get the DVD + Streaming for 10 bucks.

I burned a copy when I had it rented out, but its something I would definitely buy if I actually seen it in a store.

Good flick thumbup.gif

Also "Net Worth" the Ted Lindsay movie was a good one. Way less production budget, but still good.

thumbup.gif to old time hockey movies

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