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4/4 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Blues 2 (SO)

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The reffing was pretty bad.

...the overreaction call on Reaves (maybe two minutes for that, but 5 and a game?? Really?)

The call was bogus I agree, but St. Louis scored a short handed goal and the Wings didn't have a shot on net for the entire 5 minutes, so what are you upset about exactly?

I think had the ref not made that call we wouldn't have gone down 2 - 0, because we play way better 5 on 5.

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When the S/O hinged on him winning last night I thought that his luck was gonna run out because Bert has been way too clutch in the S/O this year. Glad he proved me wrong! Hes got such smooth hands

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Why so serious?

Trolling 101: when your argument is running thin, try and make it sound like the other guy is getting all bent out of shape while you're just having a lighthearted discussion.

It was basically a statement about how Franzen should have been penalized on the play and how star players fail to get penalized like others do.

Explain to me how you come up with only a 2 minute rough, when he drew blood with a cross check to the chin?

Bah, nevermind...I'm done in this thread. It's like talking to a wall in here.

Wings fans don't think Franzen should have been penalized...shocker...I get it.

Maybe we'll see you guys in the playoffs...Good luck with Nashville.

Actually I've said several times it could've been a two minute penalty. You still don't seem to get it, just because we won't agree to the 4 minutes you're suggesting, or the ridiculous 5 and a game.

If the refs don't see conclusively that it was a crosscheck that drew the blood, they can't call a 4 minute penalty. On the replay it's a gloved punch where the stick may have contacted Backes face before he dove. It probably did. But that's not the same as seeing the stick infraction and being able to call a penalty.

But we're the ones that are like talking to a wall. :rolleyes:

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