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Do we really need Suter?

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I think Lidstrom if he doesn't retire will play for no less than $5 million. He took a 20% paycut 2 years ago I believe only because he knew the team needed to make room for salaries for other people. I don't think he will take more than a 20% paycut. That is a lot of money even for a guy like Lidstrom. I don't think Doan will come here. His team is playing better than ours and their team is younger. We should be all in for Parise. We have a chance at Suter if Lidstrom is done but no chance at all if he comes back. The Preds have too much money that they can pay him especially if the cap floor goes up.

I see us getting another Dman and a grinder on top of Parise. I wish we could trade Franzen for someone good in return but I think Franzen's contract is too long and untradeable at this point. He seems to just not care anymore after he got his money. I don't want someone like that on our team.

If Parise bolts to Minnesota I think the next option needs to be Semin. These other guys that are free agents are ok but no one person other than those two can put up the point production that they can and we need roster spots for our young guys.

Sweet ******* Christ NO! What? then we can put Semin on a line with Franzen and have the laziest line in the NHL...re-sign Hudler and round out the lazy line? No thanks.

Like I said before, Parise or bust this summer. Hudler should go back to the KHL with Radulov.

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