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Would you make this trade?

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Guest Johnz96

I would make that trade in a heartbeat

If i was representin the Caps

If we don't have a goal scorer on the first line, what good is that first line?

The Nashville series showed we need MORE goal scorers, not less.

Nort to mention more size

Never? Really? Wonder where he got the name "Mule", then.

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I think Helm's speed and penalty kill abilities are too valuable to include him in the trade. I don't have a problem trading the Mule or Kindl though. As far as Washington's end of the deal not sure if I would want that gamble or not on Mike Green, he's been really held back lately with injuries. As far as Laich goes, I don't know too much about his game but from the small samples I've seen he's not to bad, but as the deal stands I would say No thanks.

I agree fully we could through in a Draft pick or Tootoo and a box of train horns

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