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Wings are gonna be a bigger/tougher team

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Are you serious lol? We're at least an easy top 5 team in the western conference.

The only major team that improved this off season is Minnesota and they stlil aren't top five in my opinion, sure they will make the playoffs but nothing more.

Me and my friend were talking about this over a drink tonight and thought the same thing, we tried to count off the teams that would legitimately overtake us to knock us out of the playoffs this year... couldn't think of eight teams to do it. Don't think it's as simple as you've put it that Minny are the ONLY team that's improved but we're certainly not left in the dust by everyone else. Think we got a slight bit tougher this year but lost skill.

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Guest Hatethedrake!

I'd love to get Fistric for sure. However, so would Dallas. :tease:

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