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  1. Datsyerberger


  2. Datsyerberger

    Wings are gonna be a bigger/tougher team

    Parise plays large; didn't want to split Doan/Nash/Parise into 3 separate categories.
  3. Datsyerberger

    Wings are gonna be a bigger/tougher team

    As a note, if nothing else, the Wings have already essentially swapped out Lidstrom, Emmerton, and Hudler for Smith, Tootoo, and Samuelsson. In terms of grit/physical play, I don't think there's a single matchup of players where the former group comes out ahead. The newer group has, just guessing off the top of my head, about 3-4 inches in height and possibly 40-70 lbs in weight advantage.
  4. Datsyerberger

    Wings are gonna be a bigger/tougher team

    So let's have a look at a potential feasible roster: Forwards: Dats, Z, Flip: None are particularly tall, but all are in the 190' range, giving them good strength/puck protection for their height. An ideal weight for players of their height/role. Franzen, Bert, Sammy: All fairly large guys, bulky. Mule could do to play like it more often. Helm: Small. Doesn't remotely play like it. Eaves: We'll see after he comes back from his injury Miller: String bean. Emmerton: Likely not here. One of Parise, Doan, Nash: All large. Tootoo: Like Hudler.. except two were put side by side, and pushed together. Abdelkader: Average NHL height, bulky. Cleary: Similar to Abdelkader, Sammy. Out of those players (presently on the roster), Helm, Abs, Bert, Tootoo, Eaves,and Cleary all provide active physical presence and/or grit. Almost all of the remaining players have good passive physical play (that is, they may not go out and hit or bang, but they all have good puck protection, board work, drive to the net, etc): Dats, Z, Miller, Flip all fit this bill. Sammy is somewhere between this group and the above group (he doesn't actively initiate physical play like the top group, but he does use his size to agitate). Franzen can fit either group or be soft as wet TP just depending on how he feels. Let's take a quick look at some possible D: Suter: Very average NHL size, brings a good mix of physical but clean/low PIM play. Kronwall: Being slightly below average size doesn't stop him from being the most explosive open ice hitter in the league. Not a lot of physical play outside of that, though. White: He neither brings enough nor lacks enough to deserve a comment one way or another. Very average in the physical department. Quincey: Fairly large, has a decent physical game. Unfortunately, one that results in a lot of minors. Ericsson: Quite large, still doesn't use his size near as much as he could but he is a consistent physical presence/large body. Doesn't bring anything spectacular physically (compared to other d-men his size), but he is a very solid skater for his size. A mobile large body is always a useful tool. Sometimes stands up for teammates, looks okay as long as he's not going against dedicated fighters. Smith: Above average height, can and probably will add a little more bulk, also a very good skater... and scrappy. This is a team that is now at or slightly above the NHL average in size, while being considerably scrappier.. especially if Suter and/or Parise/Nash/Doan are added. Most notably, there are no true pushovers now (except TP-mode Mule) and only one scrawny guy (Miller, but he's got a nice big heart in that string bean body). Biggest concerns outside of that are Z (injury concerns) and Kronwall (can be a little bit of a physical vacuum when he's not Kronwalling).
  5. I think this would still be a good team for the Wings. The downside is that Carle isn't near as good defensively as Suter, but arguably a little better offensively. Semin can potentially provide better offensive than Parise, though he doesn't add Parise's grit or defense (however, Semin is underrated defensively). I wouldn't be too worried about it. The Wings are still loaded on front end defensive play and pretty good on back end defensive play. My main concern with Carle over Suter is having Suter on the team gives a lot more leeway to set some of our offensive d-men, especially Smith, loose offensively.
  6. Datsyerberger

    Red Wings Sign Jordin Tootoo to 3-yr deal, $1.9M/yr

    I like this signing. Some things I like about it: Tough as hell and feisty. Stands up for teammates frequently (read: fisticuffs) Takes a relatively low amount of minor penalties for a tough guy (not super high PIM, a lot of his PIM comes from fighting). Hits frequently and hard. Underrated offensively (he's scored at a 25-30 point pace in the last 3 seasons). Very solid offense for a bottom line guy. Has a hard shot (not accurate, but can generate rebounds). His cap hit is less than 3% of the cap, roughly equivalent to what Maltby made on our last cup winning team. Goes to the net. Short, but built like a locomotive (TOOOOOOTOOOOOO). ...And while I hate those damned whistles, let's admit it, the Joe could use a little excitement/noise sometimes. He can certainly provide that.
  7. Datsyerberger

    Joey Mac

    Obviously, we don't want to ride him long term; he'll likely eventually have a bad game. But at this point, I think he's played well enough in his time up to prove he should be the backup for the rest of this year (and next year, too). I like Conkers but he just doesn't seem to have any gas left, and that worries me come playoff time. Personally, I think Joey could hold the fort during the tighter defensively playoffs if he had to for a few games. Not to mention he's busted his ass to prove he should be up here. Is there anyone on here that really disagrees at this point?
  8. Datsyerberger

    Brad Stuart to the West Coast?

  9. Datsyerberger

    Red Wings on Twitter

    I come bearing gifts: http://www.darkshire.net/~jhkim/muppets/borker.html
  10. Datsyerberger

    The easiest team to root for...

    What is this "Celtics" you speak of? The only thing I ever hear about is some "Sell-ticks".
  11. Datsyerberger

    nashville's new home jersey

    I like it waaaaaaaaaay better than the current/old ones. Not totally sold on some of the lines, but the yellow is a really bold choice as a primary color and I think they'll stand out on the ice.
  12. Datsyerberger

    Ducks get rights to Andrew Cogliano

    They could get a deal worked out before then. Just sayin'.
  13. Datsyerberger

    2012-13 Realignment Leak?

    Yea, but why would they move Tampa at all? Or even Florida for that matter. The former isn't moving at all, the latter would take an Atlanta-esque situation and has less likely a chance of happening than Atlanta.
  14. Datsyerberger

    Wings offered Jovanovski 2 years, $5 million

    Thanks for taking money instead of a chance to win, Jovo. Because I honestly didn't see you helping the latter much.
  15. Datsyerberger

    Wings re-sign Ericsson to 3-year, $9.75m contract

    It means that, if the Wings want to trade him, Ericsson provides a list of (usually 10, sometimes 8, sometimes 12) teams that he will waive his NTC for. The goal of a modified NTC is to allow a player to have some say on where he will end up if he's traded while allowing for the team to have some 'auto' trade options.