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Andy Pred 48

Walleye roster

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Yeah, we've finally thrown together a decent defense. That's been our downfall these past few years. Along with letting other teams throw us around 90% of the time. I'm really looking really look forward to this season, so far. Of course I always do anyways.

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At least you Petr as goalie! :cheesy:

Suits me just fine, though the Griffins' goalie situation is pretty scary. Pearce simply isn't good enough to play at that level, and McCollum is borderline at best. As of now, McCollum is 24th in GAA, Pearce 40th.

More worrisome than the numbers to me, though, is the attitude. Looking at the goalies I've seen, they all pretty much could shake off a goal against. We saw Hasek do it. We saw Osgood do it. Howard is a master. Legace, Conklin, not a problem.

McCollum and Pearce, though? I'm honestly scared not for the first goal, but the second. Neither one can snap into form quickly enough- they rattle very easily.

Mrazek can. I've seen it. Hopefully he's the Griffins' future, because the other two aren't.

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