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11/26 Happy Birthday Chris Osgood

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Guest The Axe

I always liked this guy. He was terrible when he was bad, but he was a gamer and never created problems even tho the coaches and fans gave him crap half the time. I wish he would have stayed a Wing his whole career.

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My wife would be excited - she always thought Osgood was one of the most attractive Red Wings. Not sure I fully understood that admiration as a heterosexual male, but I did love Ozzie as a player. An absolute class act and a guy that probably should've had a mental breakdown about 12 different times, but never did. In fact, he was one of those rare players who got noticeably BETTER when it really, really mattered.

I'm not sure that most goalies would have been able to recover from something like the '94 out-of-net goal against the Sharks, or some of the long bombs he gave up in the '98 playoffs. But I would've put his mental toughness and poise against anyone in the game, even admitting that his size and athletic abilities were decidedly average. And to be able to reinvent himself from a hybrid style to a pure butterflyer leading up to the 2008 Cup - amazing at that age.

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