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  1. evilzyme


  2. evilzyme

    Dekeyser signed. 2 yrs $2.187 million AAV

    I believe that's exactly why he's takening the 2-3 year contract over the 5. Prove yourself during the 2-3, hit your prime and cash in the big contract.
  3. evilzyme

    Injury Updates

    #redwings no datsyuk at this skate, let alone drills. Not unusual to skate later or earlier, if not playing. "Pasha" unseen, on ice, now. That was Gregg krupa's tweet from earlier. I don't think its scary or a bad sign
  4. evilzyme

    What's wrong with Pasha? (Mod warning post #57)

    The other day during a broadcast they brought up that ovi was receiving calls from high officials and they were applying pressure on their performance. Hosting the winter Olympics means a lot to them and they don't want to dissapoint their home by getting anything less than gold. I can only imagine pasha is receiving the same pressure if not more because he's the captain and currently injured. I really just want to have him back healthy regardless
  5. evilzyme

    Leaders need to be leaders

    With all the key injuries to the top 6 other coaches have the pleasure of matching against zetterberg and singling him out as the sole threat of our top 6. He's getting shadowed all game long to the point of having absolutely no time and space. He doesn't have the linemates to help him create that space because they aren't as big of threats. Teams know the situation we're in. When you go against a deep team as the Blues you're going to be in for a treat when your top 6 consist majority of bottom 6 skill. None the less I think the vastly underrated element is how poor our D is right now. They're fragile and easily worked. They can't get the puck moved up for a smooth transition because teams know all they have to do is wheel it in and turn them around. Throw 2 bodies in deep against them and that puck isn't leaving the zone. We need our D to get some confidence and have the puck moving through the neutral zone with speed. The best asset to offense can be a puck moving defensive core. You need your d to make that quick transition. We can't do that currently and its hurting us drastically. All in all, it would be great if we got healthy ....and a top 2 puck moving d man
  6. evilzyme

    Brian Rafalski signs with ECHL team

    Did anyone else catch the interview with Holland concerning the Rafi situation? All he kept saying is obviously he has no idea where Rafi is going with it, but they wanted to support him in wanting to play hockey close to home (the arena they said is nearly 5 minutes away from his house). Holland stated that if there was a player to beable to come back at the age of 41 and have a good come-back it would be a puck-moving defensemen such as Rafi. At the same time, he said there's 20-30 year olds out there pushing the pace and he didn't really know. It seemed like Holland wasn't interested in bringing him back to Detroit due to our given situation and deep pipeline, but he wanted to make it happen for Rafi and give him the chance to make it somewhere again.
  7. evilzyme

    Cleary should be suspended for elbow to head

    They said it via commentation last night that they thought he may be suspended for it. Balant chickenwing out to the head, can't explain anything remotely close to a hockey play in that situation. Clears lost his cool as did many of his teammates last night. For a change they showed some passion, but unfortunately in the worst way.
  8. evilzyme

    Franzen having trouble processing information

    Really good post and information, most of all, Semper Fi brother! I think numerous people underestimate the true impact of brain injuries and how much they do effect daily life. It really can change your opinion when you or someone apart of your life has a brain injury. Once you see what it can do to someone...
  9. evilzyme

    Brian Rafalski signs with ECHL team

    Roose (I believe it was) sent out a tweet earlier after he talked with Rafi. He said he had made up his mind, or it was in his mind within the last month, before the alumni game. He also stated that god had sent him down this road, and he was just following his will. So he's still in the religious mindframe, he just believes God wants him to play hockey again.
  10. evilzyme

    Mike Commodore's experience with the Wings

    Absolutely. The best coaches are the hardest to work with but the most rewarding because they know what they're doing. Julien, Hitchcock, and Babcock...isn't the famous quote about Bowman, "you hated the guy 364 days of the year and on the 365th day you received the Stanley cup."? Babcock's a very smart man whom has a degree in sports psychology. He knows how to use it.
  11. evilzyme

    Nyquist Getting the call

    I think it has to deal with Tatars defensive game. Nyquist is well rounded and has played in tight situations in the league already. Babcock is more familiar with him and has more trust in him than Tatar. Tatar is great and he's proven to score goals when given the chance but his defensive play would get eaten alive against top skilled players he would be against in the top 6.
  12. evilzyme

    Nyquist Getting the call

    As much as it hurts, we can't help the Goose situation. If he plays the 2 games and loses waiver exemption it only makes it harder for Holland to pull of roster moves. Teams already know he's handcuffed and will have to waive worst case scenario resulting in the possibility of a free pickup for them. Holland's stated numerous times that he's been attempting to make moves and open space but there simply isn't grabbers right now. It could be him lowballing or it could be a dry market, who knows but he is trying. In other news, the boys gave Goose a stick tap when he arrived in Detroit this morning and joined them for practice. There's a picture of him getting hugged on while getting the taps via twitter.
  13. evilzyme

    stephen weiss

    I feel like Andersson really needs consistency between his wingers. He showed much more with consistent linemates last season. This can be showcased when he's with Tatar; immediate chemistry. He's been the victim of line switching while still being a rookie. Put him with linemates he knows and work hard and he really shines. Babcock does love him and his defensive side of the game. He does rock out on the PK also.
  14. evilzyme

    stephen weiss

    Babcock was talking about this. Not specifically with Miller but he said that he'd move glendening to the wing when helmer got healthy. I'd anticipate down the middle... pasha, Weiss, helmer and andersson. Also, Holland the other night on 97.1 that he'd ideally like to make at least one move but hoping on at least a couple.
  15. evilzyme

    Patrick Eaves on Waivers

    I wouldn't go to town on Martin really. Holland was the one signing the contracts and most likely went to Martin and said, "Can you make it work?" I imagine capologist have the role of fixing problems that others have made or try and prevent them from happening. I guess I just want to say that Martins probably the guy there to find loopholes for Holland. He's not the one putting us in horrible positions.