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Please clear your browser cache (template update)

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If you're not aware: the forums underwent an upgrade on 12/28 (part security update, part new version) and following that update forum members started experiencing various errors here. Sometimes the stylesheets for certain pages wouldn't load, sometimes the WYSIWYG editor wouldn't show in a Reply box, pop-up menus wouldn't work, HTML wouldn't be parsed correctly (on quoted replies this was most common), etc..

Today I performed some further updates to remedy these issues: a small database fix, re-caching the forum skins and then finally (tonight), rebuilding the updated template skins (Red and White versions) from the default template that came with the updated forum software.

What's this mean for you? It should be the end of any issues you were having on the site. But first you'll have to clear your browser's cache. You can do so while viewing the site by pressing Ctrl+F5 (PC) or Cmd+R (Mac). That'll force it to re-load all of the site's template files: specifically the CSS and javascript files -- both of which underwent some significant updates and must be re-cached.

If you have any problems after re-caching your browser please feel free to PM me or post your problem in the "Member Services" subforum (and include screenshots if you can,)

Note: The site templates are visually no different from the previous look -- just changes in some functionality and placement (like the "share" capability).

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