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Probably no interest in Whitney

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I heard via Elliote Friedman today that the Wings probably won't be going after Ryan Whitney.

While I do agree that he's too bruised and injury-prone to be of much use anymore, this tells me something. After the reported weeks of phone calls looking for help, all that's come out of that is who we aren't going after?

I mean, come on. This team has lost 4 games in a row in ugly fashion. Surrendered multiple leads and just came out awful against Nashville. If this were an 82-game season, a 4-game losing streak is understandable and not insurmountable. But, it's not. It's a 48-game season. Four games is 1/12th of the season, and that's a much larger chunk than normal. Points are at an even greater premium than they usually are. You don't get too many more four-game stretches to make it up.

Whitney wouldn'tve been the answer anyways, but it's what this news means rather than the name associated with it. I think this team needs some moves to change things up and get the mood turned around. This team is defeated very easily, the effort is clearly not always there, and sometimes they look like they just don't care.

And I don't see the injury excuse as being valid anymore. If that's what everyone is resorting to, we've basically given up on the season before it's even over. Injuries happen to everyone, not just us. When injuries occur, you fill the holes. It's that simple. Don't whine because you have a few boo-boos. Bryan Murray was making calls before Spezza and Karlsson went down. Now, he's working to fill the holes. I'm just wondering how long this has to go on before someone springs to action. This team is hard to watch sometimes. I can't remember the last time I could honestly say that about a Red Wings team.

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