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As if this point needed more reinforcing

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Ok Ken, we get it. You're going to sit on your butt at the deadline and use parity and injuries as excuses to do that.

Honestly, this is both the media's fault for posing the question so many times to him and Holland's fault for saying the same thing over and over again.

Even when the injury list clears out (which won't be for a while anyways), this team still won't be able to score goals. I don't understand why people think a guy who disappoints consistently (Filpulla), two broken down old men (Bertuzzi, Samuelsson), one third-line grinder (Helm), and one injury-plauged #4-#6 defenseman (Colaicovo) is going to fix the fact that our offense blows donkey rod.

The same core group that couldn't score at all since halfway through last season is still together.

But hey, we're the Red Wings. We put the "together" in "getting the band back together".

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If the point doesn't need any reinforcement? Why create a new thread on a topic that you've already created and has some decent discussion around?

I'm not trying to be a d!(k, but creating multiple threads on the same topic won't make your complaint/discussion viewed as any more reasonable or valid than the first time you brought it up. It just makes you "The Axe" of the Trade Rumors & Free Agent Talk forum.

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There's a point to this. This only confirms that Holland is a broken record who's too scared to try and make deals. I've always said that he hides behind the excuses of injuries and parity. The first time wasn't enough. Now, with this, let's face it...it's true.

Think of it this way: if Holland won't do anything at the deadline, and given how poorly last offseason went, what hope does that give us for this offseason? We could potentially walk into next year a year older and with the same roster.

I just think this is a dangerous trend. We can't throw up our hands and say "This league's too competitive to improve our team!" anymore. Something has to be done about the offense. And getting older (Bertuzzi, Samuelsson), more injury-prone (Helm, Colaicovo), and less productive (Filpulla) is not going to help that.

I know, I'm an extremely emotional, "glass-half-empty" fan who's incredibly hard on my team. But, that's how I define fandom. Holland has to do something. This team needs help. And not the help a few old men and a bust is going to provide.

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