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Red Wings don't belong in the same rink as the Hawks?

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Just watched a hawks interview video on nhl.com and Quennville was talking about what they had to do, and said "when you look at it, the big picture looks bleak, but one game can turn that around blah blah blah I know I am a failure compared to babs" (that last part I made up, if anyone was wondering)

Basically that makes me think that Babs really has gotten under his skin, and he knows loss is inevitable and seems to have lost hope. If your coach doesn't have much faith you can win any games, and your captain can't play hockey with Z babysitting him, the leadership seems to be missing, go wings!!

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I just love how the Hawks are playing the best they can and they are still getting beat. They aren't beating themselves, they aren't really making many mistakes, they just can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that the Wings are better than them. Period.

I have said this to people who tried to argue the wings are getting lucky, The red wings are the better team.

Chicago has more talent, yes.

Detroit has more will, want, and determination. We have a third line compiled of rookies, who are seemingly thriving under pressure, and are fighting tooth and nail to keep a roster spot, and the same can be said about our defense. Chicago seemed to have the will and want earlier in the season, and once they broke the nhl record for most games without a reg. loss to start the season, they seemingly coasted on their success for the majority of the season, and now seem to be out of gas. The top lines are doing great at shutting down their top lines, and seem to enjoy it, Jimmy is out working "crow" (great that chicagos goalie has a nickname of a death omen, kinda fitting lol) and we have the better coach. If babs had chicagos players, he would have swept the wings. period.

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