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Seguin, Eriksson swapped in 7-player deal between Bruins and Stars

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Right Crymson, I guess my attempted point was that his attitude that I deserve to be on the team, as opposed to a guy like Marchand who was expected to be a grinder, but plays above his weight class so to speak.

Like me having a hot wife who runs marathons, I am out of my league, and apparently she has vision issues!

I would take 22 Marchand's any day of the week over one Sequin on my top line scoring 50 + goals.

The attitude Marchand has helps teams and is contagious, Sequin's attitude is contagious and is a hinderance.

I think the B's made up the drinking thing, because now it is really becoming an issue, but where were the issues mid season? How come his drinking and living the life (BTW I hear Ovie has the same weakness) is now an issue?

It is now an issue because they wanted to get rid of him.

In today's society you can not just say we wanted Erikkson more, you have to pile on people on the way out. ESPECIALLY in Boston sports, anybody leaving is a trader and anyone on the way in is a savior and "character guy".

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