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ESPN/Sportscenter gives the NHL 2.7% of its time

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I think it's better for espn to just cover the only thing they know and just leave. Hockey alone. I mean even if I were into the other sports their coverage is simply overkill and espn is going the way of MTV. As hockey fans we can be really thankful for TSN and their superb job of covering hockey.

The MTV comparison stole the point I was going to make. I don't have access to CBC or TSN here in Minnesota. But after beating this argument into the ground for so many years, it's almost come full circle to the point where ESPN is controlling less and less of the narrative nowadays. Yes, they're still HUGE, and they are definitely a major player in covering events and dictating the narrative of sports culture. But SportsCenter is no longer a monolithic force in telling you what events are important.

ESPN competitors, like NBC Sports and Fox Sports One, have been traditionally mocked for focusing on niche sports and missing out the big time contracts. But just like how MTV stopped showing music videos and replaced them with reality shows and cultural material, sports is also succumbing to our "a la carte" society. If you're a racing fan or a soccer fan, you may spend more time on NBC Sports than you do on ESPN. You don't need ESPN for highlights or news, that's what the internet and smartphones are for. Any shocking highlight in ANY sport with any type of following will be posted on Deadspin with a YouTube link within an hour, and passed around on Twitter.

Just thinking about the joke that the OLN network was in 2005 and to think about what it is now as NBCSN is pretty amazing. The reality is that NHL hockey probably does have 2.7% (or less) of the collective sports interest in this country. Football itself may occupy over 50% of it, and baseball and basketball are also huge players. The NHL is a regional "niche" product, but the fans are very loyal.

"Mad Men" gets about 1/4 of the viewer ship of "The Walking Dead" on the same network, but that really says nothing about the quality of product or the depth of enjoyment by its fans.

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