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9/28 Pre-Season GDT : at Toronto Maple Leafs 3, Red Wings 1

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That's why I like him so much.

I don't know anyone personally on here, so Im unaware of the backgrounds.

But I assume there's people with more hockey experience than me.

But I played up until varsity high school, and its legitimately amazing the consistency some of these kids show.

That's why watching people lime data and z are so damn amazing.

Emmerton may not be anything better than a fourth liner, but you know what he's giving you.

I'm sorry but the only consistency Emmerton has, is that he consistently brings nothing special to this team. He isn't a strong skater, nor a terrible one, he isn't good at faceoffs, he isn't strong offensively, hes half decent defensively, most of the time he is kinda, just... there. He isn't too noticeable, which isn't necessarily bad, but he also doesn't ever make you go "wow", he is a serviceable "plug"

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