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Helm in, Franzen out against the Oil tonight!

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Helm Yeah! Welcome back Pit-Bull!

As for Mule, he's been a big disappointment. Someone at work said the beginning of his suckitude coincided with his first child being born. Anyone correlate that? I can understand being distracted with a new baby at home, but I would hope he would want to get his s*** together and actually earn his money and do right by Detroit for banking on him over Hossa (despite Hossa's crappy, injured performance in the playoffs that year).

I mean, doesn't Johan have any pride for himself, his familiy or even (considering how stacked the Wings are with Swedes) his country? He has the chance to create a legacy, instead for whatever reason he is choosing to embarrass himself, his family, his friends and his countrymen. I hope he can search his heart and turn things around, he has a wrist shot that can knock the meat out of your sandwich and plenty of size to contribute every night.

Come on Mule! Fight for another cup and a sweet legacy with an original 6 powerhouse!

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