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  1. I'd love to see Holland unload some of Vanek, Green, Smith, and Tatar at the deadline, getting picks and prospects in return. But we all know that just isn't Holland's style.
  2. Holland should have walked out of that press conference without a job. However, I think the Wings (and Tigers) are currently in a state of limbo, much like the Pistons were a few years ago. Mike Ilitch's health has been rumored to be very poor, and the family is waiting until he turns one way or the other before doing anything drastic. Chris Ilitch will take over once his father is gone, but I don't think he'll do much of anything until that happens. So, here we are as fans, stuck with this pile of dung.
  3. This team has won 3 of its last 31 games in regulation. 3 of 31. That's godawful. No way this team goes anywhere but down this year. The Streak TM is over, and Holland's reign should be as well. There are only a few tradeable pieces, so a true rebuild will be extremely difficult. Holland's rich loyalty conracts have really put this team over a barrel, and not just in the short-term. KH should be fired now, or at least be restricted from signing any more contracts. His successor will have one of the toughest jobs in sports, trying to restore this team even to mediocrity. The future in "Hockeytown" TM is pretty dark.
  4. AA

    Add in the World Cup this year, if Blashill doesn't ration his minutes, he'll be burned out by Christmas.
  5. Trade

    This was a nice trade for both teams. Arizona got the prospect they coveted and got rid of a player who'll be on LTIR, and it only cost them a 3rd round compensatory pick and the taking on of a cap hit they have PLENTY of room to cover but won't cost them a dime. Detroit got rid of that cap hit and turned 1 pick into 2 while taking on an LTIR contract they can afford to pay. The trade itself, IMO, is a tie. The shootout decision will be determined with the development of the 3 traded picks and what Holland can do with the cap room.
  6. I never thought Ilitch would get rid of Holland, EVER, but he fired Dombrowski (Tigers GM), so there is hope yet.
  7. Could be, in part, that there are former Detroiters spread all across the country...
  8. ...or give Marchenko a minute to see if he's capable of filling that role before you bury him back in GR.
  9. Stop it right now, Evil Ken Holland. Get back in your box.
  10. The rules were changed for every expansion draft from San Jose to Columbus/Minnesota. Who knows what they'll be whenever the league expands again.. I'm sure it'll depend on how many teams are being added. This would also be the first expansion since the salary cap was instituted, so I wonder if teams would be required to expose a contract or two above a certain threshold, to help ensure teams reach the salary floor... There were also rules for minimum number of NHL games played, so most young players were exempt from the draft.
  11. I don't think that's the case anymore. Holland hasn't made a significant trade or free agent signing to improve the club in YEARS. He's done things to hold back the influx of younger players. Holland's greatest strengths... and I hold these in very high regard... are his ability to hire the right person for a job and to trust them to do their jobs. He listens to his people and lets them do what they are being paid to do. That's an excellent quality for someone running a franchise. However, I think Holland's days as an effective GM are about done. I don't think he can or will make the necessary roster moves to put the Wings back on top. Holland for President (and not GM).
  12. Philly denies ever having offered any contract, only a tryout. The only ones talking about the rumored 3-year Philly deal are Cleary and Holland. Also, how is the "handshake deal" and "promise to take care of" Cleary allowed under the CBA? Teams are not allowed to discuss multiple one-year deals. Could be considered cap circumvention. Besides, it's plainly obvious to everyone except Cleary and Holland that Cleary is DONE, and has been for 3 years.
  13. This is very true. Blashill knows and trusts these guys, Babcock didn't. That could make a big difference. I also heard speculation that the D made so many mistakes because they were playing afraid. (Afraid of pissing off Babcock by making mistakes.) Now that Babcock is gone, I'm fine with moving out a couple of contracts to clear some space for prospects who are ready, then letting things settle themselves out over the first few months of the season.
  14. You? Sorry, I skipped over a few pages! My problem with his contract isn't the cap hit, it's the length.