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  1. joshy207


    If this team is going to keep rebuilding, Nielsen may not want to stick around. No-trade clauses can be waived. Holland would be an IDIOT to not even qualify Mrazek... but we know Holland is an idiot anyway.
  2. joshy207


    Wishful thinking on my part, for sure. Or what I hope the new GM (with no loyalties) will do.
  3. joshy207


    I think he is that bad. I fully expect Green to be traded before the deadline. Jensen and Ouellet are cheap and serviceable, moving them doesn't accomplish anything unless there is a better option for the 3rd pairing. Kronwall's contract expires after next year. If he's not healthy enough to play, he goes on LTIR. If he can play, they can use him more sparingly and deal with the cap hit for one year. Buying him out only saves about $1.15M, not worth it. No, State hasn't been good for a few years now.
  4. joshy207


    I don't think the buyout hit will hurt as long as it's part of a bigger rebuild/retool/whatever you want to call it. For me, that includes trading one of Helm or Nielsen, one of Tatar or Nyquist, and one of Howard or Mrazek. The payroll cut by moving those players would more than offset the cost of buying out Ericsson, and it allows for re-signing Mantha, Larkin, Athanasiou, and still gives them some flexibility.
  5. joshy207


    I want the cap space AND the roster spot. Sending him to GR only frees up somewhere around $950K. Enough to bring up Hicketts, yes, but nothing more than that. Buyout and trade are better options IMO.
  6. joshy207


    It's as much about the roster spot as it is about the cap space. Hicketts can't stay in GR for long. Guys like Russo and Renouf need some experience so the Wings can truly decide what they are. If Ericsson is truly tradeable, that's great, pull the trigger, but I don't believe he is.
  7. joshy207


    If the Wings were to buy out Ericsson next summer, there would be a 4-year cap hit of $1,416,667 per year.
  8. joshy207


    There's our main difference, I don't consider Ericsson to be much of an asset, lol. You can only retain up to 50% of a player's salary, so I'd rather have the $1.4M cap hit for buying him out.
  9. joshy207

    GDT: Detroit Red Wings @ Buffalo Sabres 7:30 PM EDT 10/24/17

    Own goal for Ouellet there...
  10. joshy207


    If you are ANY other NHL GM, do you trade FOR Jonathan Ericsson? If he remains healthy, the only way to get rid of him is to buy him out. Damn the lower, longer cap hit, that's easier to live with.
  11. joshy207


    Google search: "where do I buy cyanide capsules" Seriously though... buyouts will have to be used. Nobody will want Ericsson unless he's on LTIR, and at that point it would be more valuable to keep him. Helm may be tradeable if the Wings retain salary. Abdelkader not as much, but he won't be going anywhere if Holland or an internal replacement are in charge. Maybe Nielsen will agree to a trade if the team isn't going anywhere. Goaltending will be an interesting situation. Basically, it ain't pretty.
  12. joshy207

    Next GM

    I think they need to go outside of the organization. No Draper, no Martin, no Fedorov, no Yzerman (I don't think he'll come here anyway). The Wings need a house cleaning, and none of those guys would do it. That said, I don't have a legit candidate at this time.
  13. joshy207

    Ken Holland - First to Worst?

    On the roster, Booth. In the top 9, Abdelkader. *I am not upset that Rasmussen didn't make the team, there is no need to rush him this year. However, would a little taste of the NHL hurt? Unless he actually got hurt, no. Also, Hicketts can still develop in GR, he won't sit there and rot.
  14. joshy207

    Ken Holland - First to Worst?

    I thought Rasmussen earned himself a tryout at the beginning of the season. He could have remained with the Wings and played 9 games without burning the first year of his entry level contract. I also thought Hicketts earned himself a roster spot. However, for reasons unbeknownst to me, Ken Holland remains GM of the Red Wings.
  15. joshy207

    Which UFA's do the Wings re-sign?

    Maybe Street and Pasquale, for depth.