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Helm in, Franzen out against the Oil tonight!

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#21 PumpkinEscobar


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 06:20 PM

Thought I saw on twitter that Eaves was the one out

#22 Hey man nice shot!

Hey man nice shot!

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Posted 02 November 2013 - 06:31 PM

as happy as I am that Helm is back, I am dancing in the streets over Francine being benched! :yahoo:


:yahoo: first step to next summers buyout!

I hate to say i like this but...its to late:)

#23 wings87


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 06:45 PM


Im going to disagree here. I think this is the worse Franzen has looked in quite a while. Hes shown up for basically the Colorado game. The rest he has been completely invisible. A guy his size should be able to impact the game without a center force feeding him the puck. Whether its taking it to the net himself or using his body to create for others. I honestly dont think Franzen cares about anything but picking up his paycheck anymore. His comments before about the regular season boring him and then his defense for not scoring last year being "Well Im not supposed to be a goal scorer anyways" just makes me believe it even more. Remember he came into the league as a strong workhorse player. Nothing in his game now resembles that. And to think the Wings could have had Hossa.

Here's my reasoning, I think Franzen more than any player on the team needs stability, but with Weiss sticking it up (granted he has played better last 2 games) Franzen has been moved around too much and I think we can all agree he has no business at center. But I think what hurts him is the wings keep drilling into his head that he has to be Homer, which we all know he is not. His best asset is the ability to shoot the puck but with no center he has to go and get the puck himself and be a playmaker which is a style he's not suited for. Not making excuses for him since he has to be more vigilant and stop standing around, he also has to shoot more. But not having a consistent center has really hurt him.

"He usually shows up when the game is over and tries to be the hero. Puts his cape on and goes and flies out there." ~ Franzen 

#24 SaCkaveli20


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 07:28 PM

I'll be happy once Darren can string together more than 10 games in a row. Or maybe even 2.

#25 Euro_Twins


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 07:30 PM

He's got over 4 million cap hit and is on par for under 25 points.  That's playing pretty bad.

30 points but your point is still valid. However I guarantee he finishes with at least 50 points

#26 thegerkin


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 08:14 PM

Looking forward to seeing Helm flying on the ice!

#27 joshy207


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Posted 02 November 2013 - 09:25 PM

If Helm was really back to form, he would have missed on that breakaway...  lol

#28 Motown4013


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Posted 03 November 2013 - 12:02 AM

Great game for a guy who hasn't played in a season and a half! Great to see 43 out there! He was awesome!


#29 LivoniaGrinder



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Posted 03 November 2013 - 12:16 AM

Helm Yeah! Welcome back Pit-Bull!


As for Mule, he's been a big disappointment. Someone at work said the beginning of his suckitude coincided with his first child being born. Anyone correlate that? I can understand being distracted with a new baby at home, but I would hope he would want to get his s*** together and actually earn his money and do right by Detroit for banking on him over Hossa (despite Hossa's crappy, injured performance in the playoffs that year).


I mean, doesn't Johan have any pride for himself, his familiy or even (considering how stacked the Wings are with Swedes) his country? He has the chance to create a legacy, instead for whatever reason he is choosing to embarrass himself, his family, his friends and his countrymen. I hope he can search his heart and turn things around, he has a wrist shot that can knock the meat out of your sandwich and plenty of size to contribute every night.


Come on Mule! Fight for another cup and a sweet legacy with an original 6 powerhouse!

"Which side are we on? We're on the side of the demons, Chief. We're evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go. I'm surprised you didn't know that."

--Saul Tigh

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