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Wisniewski, Visnovsky, Nabokov, Ehrhoff, and now Vanek. Seems no player has any desire to be there. Snow actually gets his players on great contracts but can't trade or sign FA's for the life of him. After all the missteps by management, gotta think players will start demanding trades out of there. His core all has very attractive price tags. Maybe Holland can join the fun for once and fleece snow for a player.

PS saw on reddit that they're fans are planning a 2nd period walkout soon. At least they know they're team is a joke.

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Nothing good ever comes out of a former goaltending situation in Philadelphia.

I have no idea how Snow is still employed. The Islanders are like the disease of the league, no one wants to get near it, get caught in a situation there, and want it to be gone as soon as they arrive.

The Yashin and DiPietro contracts didn't help create a strong foundation there, and I wouldn't be surprised if Tavares wasn't the next to depart. They need new management, a ground up rebuild, and a fresh start.

The MLB has the Marlins, Astros, and Royals. The Islanders are the NHL's go nowhere, poorly managed pit of a team. I hope for the best for their future and feel bad for the fans who have stuck it out. Something must change for the sake of the league and the team itself.

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