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  1. Ericsson needs to sit

    A lot of what makes a pro player go is confidence. When an offensive defenseman is given no PP time, plays on the PK, and is told to do the things he doesn't do well instead of what he does do well, that's going to hurt his confidence. Babcock was trying to prove what a great coach he was by molding Smith into an all around defenseman, and I think it destroyed any confidence he had in himself, and he started overthinking everything. When you have to think before you do it in pro sports, you're going to be behind the play every time. I don't think he was ever going to be a top pair D, but I think he could have been better had he been allowed to play his game the way he was used to and work on the defensive side also, instead of being forced to concentrate only on the defensive side.
  2. The MANtha watch.....

    You don't think he has the potential to be a top line winger?
  3. The MANtha watch.....

    Execpt they have a potential replacement for Mantha in Svechnikov, and it's easier to find those types of wingers than d-men in the draft. The Preds failure was no offense. Larkin, AA, Svech, and the rest of the players they have without Mantha mean that the Wings won't have that issue.
  4. Ericsson needs to sit

    You're going to give yourself an ulcer. It seems like it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. "Ericsson is bad, therefore I only notice his mistakes." I've been as hard on him as anyone the last couple years, but he's been better. Note, much like the Lions following the Millen era, better does not mean good.
  5. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    On another note, they need to dress 12 forwards. I know Booth isn't anything special, but there's no need to wear out your forwards by double shifting them, and it screws up chemistry and flow.
  6. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    they deserved the loss.
  7. 2018 Detroit Red Wing All-Star(s)

    Larkin, Mantha, Howard
  8. Ericsson needs to sit

    he's not great, but he hasn't been that bad either. He's just another overpaid player on ateam full of them
  9. Rumors Thread

    Fleetwood Mac's best album
  10. Why are we better than last season?

    The team hasn't given much reason to be optimistic the last few years. Maybe I'm just turning into a crusty old man, but I'll believe they're better when they can prove it over at least half a season.
  11. Why are we better than last season?

    Larkin and Mantha are in a multi-way tie at 31 in scoring league wide. Howard is #3 in save% and #4 in GAA for goalies playing in 10+ games. I'd say they are top 50 players in the league. They're still sitting out of the playoffs right now,and still one bad stretch away from being one of the worst teams in the East, and it's still fairly early int he season. If they improve to the point where they're top 3 in the division by more than an eyelash by the middle of January, I'll start believing a little bit. Until then, I'll stay skeptical.
  12. I think that if Jurco was allowed to be an offensive player from day 1 he would be at least a 3rd line scorer. Coaching destroyed any confidence he had But we'll never know.
  13. Why are we better than last season?

    I'm not convinced they are. The first quarter of the season last year they weren't looking that bad either. Then the wheels came off a bit. Event his year, they'd probably be out of the playoffs right now. They're tied with Ottawa for 3rd int he division/8th in the conference, but the Sens have played 2 fewer games. Buffalo and Florida are the only East teams that are definitively worse, and Edmonton and Arizona in the west. Every other team is within 4 points, and some of them have a game or two in hand. I want to see more offense from the D and I want to see more consistent efforts. One game they look like world beaters, the next game they look like they'd struggle against a good AHL team. That said, LArkin, Mantha, and AA are better and are being trusted more. Daley is a big upgrade over Smith. Howard hasn't taken his annual trip to the injured list.
  14. Smart and lucky aren't the same thing.
  15. The MANtha watch.....

    If you want a top end young defenseman, you're not going to get him for AA and other secondary players. It's going to take Mantha or Larkin plus something. Of the two of them, Larkin is more valuable. Svechnikov has a shot at being as good as Mantha. What center has Larkin's potential? I don't think AA is ever going to be as good at center because of his 2 way play. But no, I wouldn't trade Mantha for anything less than a high end young D with elite potential.