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  1. DickieDunn

    2019 Draft

    Acceleration and agility aren't the same as speed. The Dodge Daytona I had in college got to 60 mph pretty quick and handled well, but I couldn't outrun an actual sports car
  2. DickieDunn

    2019 Draft

    Some thoughts. Yzerman said he explored trading back but nobody wanted to "Should have been picked later" is subject to debate, is based mostly on opinion, and generally changes after a few years. Lidstrom "should have been" picked #1 overall. "Yzerman "shouldn't have" slid to #4. Yzerman personally scouted Seider and liked what he saw, I'll trust him until he shows he shouldn't be trusted.
  3. DickieDunn

    2019 Draft

    The only way this makes sense is of the rumors that Vancouver wanted to trade up weren't true or they weren't offering anything reasonable to do so. They probably could have gotten Seider at 10. I don't like it, but Yzerman did a good job at the draft in TB, and he did spend a lot of time on the road scouting, so maybe he saw something nobody else did.
  4. DickieDunn

    2019 Draft

  5. DickieDunn

    2019 Draft

    With Podkolzin the KHL is too big a risk at 6. He's under contract for 2 years, so the Wings will have zero control over his development, and barring a financial collapse of the KHL, he could be tempte to stay there for another 2-3 years making more money than he could on an entry level deal in the NHL. Caulfield looks like a hell of a player, but guys his size don't always hold up well injury wise. I'd be tempted to trade up and make sure I get Byram, or trade back a few and take Broberg
  6. DickieDunn

    2019 Draft

    D D D D D D People were worried about turning into the Oilers if Holland didn't have enough vets, if they keep drafting forwards with their top pick that's what will happen, unless Yzerman trades some for D.
  7. DickieDunn

    Blashill Coaching Team USA Again

    Hopefully less than that. As far as him being coach at worlds, there are a limited number of American born coaches, and a lot of them have other things going on. just because you're the only one who wants the job and is available doesn't mean you're good.
  8. DickieDunn


    I don't expect a whole lot at this point. Major knee injuries can be career killers. Hopefully he can start the season strong in GR and show enough to get a mid or late season call up. If he doesn't, I wouldn't be surprised to see him go to Europe rather than play another year in GR for 20-21.
  9. DickieDunn

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    He WAS a great GM. The last few years he acted very complacent. Handed out deals with seemingly little negotiation, valued tenure with the team over talent, didn't want to make any hard choices. I don't see Holland making the Hasek trade the last few years because "we feel that Chris Osgood is an excellent goalie and we have a good relationship with him." Yeah, he's made some good deadline trades and did a good job moving Datsyuk's contract, but the free agency signings and some of the higher draft picks have been questionable at best. I go back and forth on the "make the playoffs at all costs" attitude because I'm still not sure if that was ownership or Holland pushing that, but whoever it was blundered, and Holland went along with it if it was ownership's decision.
  10. DickieDunn

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    Depends on if he runs the team like Holland Jr. If he's willing to cut bait on vets, doesn't give out NTCs like candy on Halloween, and doesn't think that tenure=good player, I'll be fine with him. His time in TB showed that he's willing to move on from players and doesn't give into player demands just because trading a guy would be hard.
  11. DickieDunn

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    Hopefully he takes some of his players with him
  12. DickieDunn

    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    Nielsen had 35 points in 72 games last season. That's not a projection. I never said Nielsen would score 25 next year.
  13. DickieDunn

    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    35 in 72 games for Nielsen. I doubt Daysuk would come close to either of those numbers, so I'd rather have Nielsen. Like krsmith said, cap hit for next year is largely irrelevant since they don't need it for anyone.
  14. DickieDunn

    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    None. If I had to choose one, I'd pick Nielsen, because I expect more than 50 games and 20-25 points from him.
  15. DickieDunn

    Yzerman signs Joe Veleno to 3 year entry level contract

    Hopefully he tears it up in camp and sticks with the team day 1 Well, a panther is another name for a cougar, so...