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  1. Kronwall and Franzen between them can only "clear" 10% of the cap, because that's all you can go over during the preseason. I'm not sure it's enough to solve the issue, and even if it does it's an idiotic way to do business.
  2. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    He has a contract in Finland, if he doesn't make the Wings roster he plays there
  3. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Based on CI's comments, the fact that Jimmy hasn't been GM in decades, and that Holland seems to do whatever he feels like.
  4. While I admire Kylee's optimism, that's a big F@$# no. Blashill is still the coach. The defense improved but the forwards didn't unless all the younger guys take a step forward. Howard can't be relied on to stay healthy, Mrazek can't be relied on to be less than terrible, and Coreau is just plain bad.
  5. Off-season moves

    Not Detroit Alienated the closest thing to a long term solution in goal you have, set yourself up to be over the cap by a couple million unless you dump salary, and made it so you'll probably have to trade said goalie, assuming you find a taker, in order to get cap compliant while relying on an injury prone guy on the back half of his career and a guy who completely crapped the bed in his brief NHL career as your #1 and #2. STEALTH TANK!!!!!
  6. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Illitch doesn't seem to pay much attention as long as there's money coming in, and I don't think Jimmy D has had much say in several years. This seems to be the Ken Holland Show.
  7. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Holland moving upstairs will only help if they bring in someone from outside who won't be controlled by Holland's "suggestions."
  8. Ken Holland "We protected our best goaltender"

    If Holland really believes Coreau can be trusted as the #2 behind an injury prone Howard, it's just another piece of evidence that he's lost his mind Sent by my minions via telepathy
  9. Tatar Re-Signs 4 Years $21.2M ($5.3M AAV)

    No, it's because Holland thinks guys like Helm Abdelkader and Glendening are more than grinders who are relatively easy to replace Sent by my minions via telepathy
  10. Off-season moves

    Damn dude, pass whatever you're smoking this way Sent by my minions via telepathy
  11. Off-season moves

    They need the space just to sign AA and bring in a 23rd player for near league minimum, not sign Vanek Sent by my minions via telepathy
  12. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    They have to cut salary. I did a team with Tatar at 5 and AA at 2 with 22 players and they were over a mil too high even with Franzen on IR Sent by my minions via telepathy
  13. Off-season moves

    And of course he can't learn to do anything elae Sent by my minions via telepathy
  14. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    Yep. Sent by my minions via telepathy