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Andy Pred 48

Red Wings race to the playoffs

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I'm just waiting for the homers (press, forums and in wings uniforms) who will make whatever happens not be in any way the fault of Wings management or coaching, as if this season was somehow ordained to be such a train wreck. It simply could be no other way.

If we make the playoffs then it is obviously due to the genius of Babcock and Holland in utilizing a group of scrappy skilled youngsters to clinc yet another playoff berth.

If we don't make the playoffs, then obviously it was beyond any mortal's ability and even the great Babcock and Holland couldn't lead a group of scrappy skilled youngsters to fill the skates of injured veterans, but boy oh boy, they have shown us a bright future.

Get to work spin doctors! Make it all good no matter what happens. Nobody does a better CYA job on failure and irresponsibility than Detroit!

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We take it one game at a time, We will be fine. The Blue Jackets are gonna be the only thorn in our side in my opinion, and really that's not such a bad thing. The Wings And Jackets deserve the Wild Cards more than the Devils and Caps.

Personally I would be happy for the Jackets this franchise has gone through so much crap, has a non competitive budget and had mr. no clue Howson at the helm so...

At the end of the day if the Wings make the playoffs, Babs should be in the Adams discussion no doubt ! After thinking a bit more rational about it, the loss against the *** Habs isn't such a big deal I didn't expect this team to beat Boston but expected them to at least get a point against Montreal so + - = 0.

Out of the next three games I think Buffalo and the Hurricanes should be two wins, which would give us 92 points and we own Toronto + New Jersey in terms of ROW so it would be enough. I think the standings aren't going to change much hopefully I'm right. Although the Pens - if healthy - do scare me it wouldn't be as bad as facing the Bruins.

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