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Visiting Stadium Series in Denver?

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My nephew and I are going to the games; we live in Colorado Springs. There are a LOT of Wings fans in Denver. it's great!

I follow this facebook group which has meet-ups or viewing parties at a bar in Denver that is Wings friendly. Those not going to the game will be watching there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/121573044548409/

You could also check out this site if you're not on fb. http://www.meetup.com/Detroit-Red-Wings-Fans-Meetup-Group/

Enjoy your trip to Denver. Go Wings!

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Pretty good zoo... pretty cool aquarium... there is a breakfast place fairly nearby that we've hit up the day after games where you can get a chicken fried egg and bison hash that is pretty great (http://www.sassafrasamericaneatery.com/). I guess be careful where you order anything called 'hash' in Colorado. :)

I really like the museum of nature and science in Denver (http://www.dmns.org/) - they have these old school wildlife dioramas that I just think are incredibly neat. It is also right next to the zoo... not sure if you are traveling with kids, but those are both good things with them, and weather has been insane lately (even up in Wyoming, where I am). There is a whiskey distillery that makes a real good whiskey if you are into that - http://www.stranahans.com/ - I think there is some sort of attached/semi attached restaurant that I've heard is good. They do tours.

If you have a car and time to kill you could do worse things than driving up through Boulder and up the canyon to Nederland to take in the mountains. Lot of neat scenery.

Oh, and drink some O'Dell's and Avery beers!

...and some Left Hand beers... I realize this is all just turning into 'things to drink on the front range', but... hey... stick with what you know, right?

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I'm heading out there today. Gonna sample as many western beers as I can get my hands on. Feel free to drop me a pm if anyone wants to join in a brewery crawl Friday or sat in Denver. Also, sorry for lack of profile, can't see how to update on website via phone.



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