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Mark Scheifele: The 5 best/toughest players

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 Awesome article and great inside into what makes Sid the kid, McDavid, Price and Keit such stars.


My highlight is this:

On Sid the Kid:

"...But even if you’re as smart as Sid, and as physically gifted, there are a million other variables going on. Maybe you’re on a back-to-back on the road. Maybe your coach is on you, or you got into an argument with your girlfriend, and you’re up in your own head. Can you do it every single night, for 82 games, plus the playoffs, for more than 10 years, without ever regressing?

This is what Sidney Crosby has done, and it really is mind-blowing..."

On the next one, McDavid:

"...I remember the first time I saw Connor skate in person, I was like, O.K., this guy was just born different. He’s genetically superior. He was created in a hockey lab. I mean, he’s taking the same amount of strides as everybody else … he’s wearing the same skates as everybody else … and somehow he’s going twice as fast? There’s not a single NHL team that has figured out how to handle his speed on the rush..."

I always knew Scheifele is an outstanding player but boy does this guy ever understand the game and players around him. Possible future headcoach wow

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