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2/17 Sisyphean GDT - Flyers @ Red Wings - 6:00 PM ET (NBCSN)

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11 hours ago, kickazz said:

Bring in Yzerman and the ticket sales will increase. Fans don't give a s*** about Holland anymore; like I said he's old news/stale presence now. Longest GM tenure and last 10 years without a cup under him has people turned off completely. He's just 1 part of the many changes that are needed. Fans need jolt of excitement. Big trades this summer, GM named Yzerman, and the return of Datsyuk. Guarantee you people will come wearing Datsyuk and Yzerman jerseys. To be honest though I wouldn't re-sign Dats unless it was only for a couple million though. 

Holland is so dumb, he can't even tank right.  He doesn't realize how important it was to land Dahlin last year.  And his team keeps beating Ottawa, so now they're going to miss out on Hughes / Kakko.  Holland is the biggest idiot alive.

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