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  1. Jonas Mahonas

    2023 UFA / Draft

    We need somebody that can PUNCH FACES.
  2. Jonas Mahonas


    The Staals are showing their pride
  3. Jonas Mahonas

    Provorov now this? smart
  4. Jonas Mahonas


    you two need a room
  5. Jonas Mahonas

    2023 UFA / Draft

    He's better than Gus. He plays 200 ft and has a lot better knack for the net. He's not Cam Neely by any means, but he's not just a guy you can afford to lose. He has the ability to pot 400-500 goals over his career. That's a good career.
  6. Jonas Mahonas


    i tweeted at mo seider today and told him to grow a pair.
  7. Jonas Mahonas


    my dog. he is not.
  8. Jonas Mahonas

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    38, and 39 tonight. In 2 years time, we will be talking about 900. crazy
  9. Jonas Mahonas


    yes, sir
  10. Jonas Mahonas

    GDT 3/18/23 Wings host Colorado: The Simonizing

    Both were minus 3 yest. They suck.
  11. Jonas Mahonas


    Gary and his handlers are Jews. Like me.
  12. Jonas Mahonas

    GDT 3/18/23 Wings host Colorado: The Simonizing

    The good news is I believe we have 3 capable defensemen in Seider, Edvindson, and Walman. And we SHOULD have Johansson and Wallinder at capable status by the 2024-25 season. We need Lindstrom to take a step forward next year, or he needs to be replaced. But Im feeling pretty good about our backend. Now for the bad news. We only have (4) good forwards in Larkin, Raymond, Kasper, and Rasmussen. The rest of our lineup REALLY sucks. Copp, Perron, Kubalik, Zadina, Veleno, Fabbri, etc - they all skate too slowly, dont win puck battles, and dont bring ONE OZ of toughness to the rink. Not saying we need to chop them all, but we have to start playing players that can skate and tilt the ice the other way. So going into next year, Im hoping for one more bad season to have a decent 2024 TDL and get a decent 2024 2st rounder. Trading Perron, Kubalik, Husso, and Chiarot at the deadline should net us at least one more 1st and one more 2nd. For 2024-25 Opening Night: Kasper - Larkin - Raymond Berggren - 2023 1st - Mazur 2023 1st - Copp - Rasmussen Foligno - Veleno - Soderblom Walman - Seider Edvinsson - 2024 1st Johansson - Lindstrom Wallinder Cossa 2024 UFA
  13. Jonas Mahonas


    im confused. we are still Jews?
  14. Jonas Mahonas

    Eddog vs. Seider

    So Jacked to See The Debut.
  15. Jonas Mahonas


    And we arent Jewish anymore.