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  1. Im big on Sambrook.
  2. Detroit is a shining example of the melting pot that is the USA. Italians, Irish, Armenians, Iranians, Brazilians, you name it. Saying "they dont care about hockey" is shortsighted. They just might not be as used to it yet. My grandfather was straight off the boat from Italy to Trenton. He liked hockey.
  3. The poster for the new trailer has me more intrigued than the trailer itself.
  4. Kovi is the better player. That shouldnt even be in question.
  5. So we are going to ignore DeKeyser, Ericsson, Nyquist, and Helm? Ehat about their 17 million a year for the squadoosh we get back? Like I said, the 21 million on Toews and Kane has been WELL spent. They have brought cups in return.
  6. Exactly! I love it when people talk about us not being able to take on an expensive contract for a really good player. But they are perfectly ok with the 8 bad contracts we have on crappy players that are 4 times as expensive collectively.
  7. Yah, Howard, Kronwall, Nielsen, and Abdelkader is a way better use of 21 million.
  8. If Chicago offers Toews and Kane to us, we take them right away. For anything, anyone. Everyone needs to stop kidding themselves around here.
  9. Not if ours is a top 3. Sorry, I should qualify that. If our pick is 7-10, I dont think that player taken there is as valueable.
  10. If we can get him, we should. Worst case, we could trade him for picks later on.
  11. I am not chalking this debate up as a W, btw. I won in the other thread, and this was just a re-closing of that old argument. So you don't take an "L" here. Just looking very homerish, is all. Captain Serious is well respected around the league and internationally for his stellar play.
  12. Good thing Toews has already accomplished more than Yzerman did, then.
  13. I posted the article of kickazz' idol comparing himself to Toews. Never heard a peep after that. It was a showstopper, bro-methius.
  14. Nope. Wrong again, Buppster.