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  1. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    The ol "youre dumb" argument. One level away from hypothetical dad fighting. I must be right and you must be wrong.
  2. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    The Donald!
  3. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    Boy, Trump would love you as a supporter. "Yzerman admits to s***ty Defense Prospect Pool" The GM said "Boy, would have been great to be able to nab Cozens with that 6th pick like everyone on the face of earth thought we should. Too bad Holland left our prospect pool without a single top pairing prospect for me and instead drafted 175 straight left handed forwards." Even when the draft selections SCREAM drafting for need, LGWers are too blind to see it or too proud to admit it. Even when the draft pick himself has the biggest WTF look on his face ever seen at a draft, LGWers wont believe the obvious. YZERMAN DRAFTED FOR NEED (DEFENSEMEN WITH HIGH CEILING POTENTIAL). Get it through your skulls. You make no sense. You make sense.
  4. I hope we acquire Seider and Tuomisto. Would be nice to offer thrm ELCs and watch thrm develop. I also hope we bring back Hronek, Cholowski, Bowey, Lindstrom, and Regula. If those 7 guys stay with us, we will have plenty of defensemen with Dekeyser, Kronwall, Green, Daley, and Ericsson.
  5. Jonas Mahonas

    News From Around the NHL

    That is where i would go. So much talent there.
  6. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    This. Its so obvious.
  7. Jonas Mahonas

    Rumors Thread

    Wings are gonna get tagged next off season. 7 for AA, 6.5 for Mantha, 5 for Bert.
  8. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    TLG, KRS will never eat his crow. We draft the top RH defenseman after missing out on Karlsson and Trouba 10 picks ahead of his expected draft position, and KRS is trying to convince us he was the BPA. I explain why Yzerman cant come out and directly say that there were forwards available that were better players, but KRS wont listen. His way, or the highway.
  9. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    Good call.
  10. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    Will Seider be at development camp?
  11. Ha. I actually like DeKeyser. But he isnt top line material on a winner.
  12. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    Im not. I really think Colorado nailed it. Yup. A+. Avs are going to win it next year. I am going to put a G on it in Vegas.
  13. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    I like pick 35. He seems solid. Yah, Yzerman didnt have a good draft. Sakic had a good draft.
  14. Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    Im loving our draft minus not getting Cozens. I wanted that guy bad. But our system was thin on defense, so we drafted for that.