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  1. Gotcha. My bad.
  2. Now the one’s that were left unprotected Petr Mrazek Luke Glendening Darren Helm Riley Sheahan Xavier Ouellet Drew Miller Tomas Nosek Ben Street Ryan Sproul Jared Coreau Martin Frk Eric Tangradi Jonathan Ericsson Niklas Kronwall Brian Lashoff Jake Paterson Dylan McIlrath Adam Almquist Louis-Marc Aubry Colin Campbell Edward Pasquale Drew Miller was on our unprotected list, so I thought he was on the team.
  3. This just hirts Grand Rapids. How is Nosek going to play over Miller?
  4. Itchy Ice Inc. Thats my new hockey brand. Ivy Skates Oak Gloves. Helmet 'o Hives Scratch and Sniff Shoulder Pads Worms of the Ring Jockstrap Have a salary cap issue and aging players? No problem. Just get your I3 gear today! The guys says "dont laugh". Well, this is a freaking joke. If the league allows this, it will not be good.
  5. Nosek made a good impression this calder cup.
  6. Sorry, fellas. Its the offseason. I will get more serious in sept.
  7. Vegas will keep the cap hit so they can make the cap floor.
  8. Frk Ehn A, if Abdelkader is added!
  9. You heard it here first. Mrazek goes to Vegas, Vegas sends Fleury back to the Wings for a 2nd rounder.
  10. Fair enough. Only overstated for effect. I agree that it is fixable.
  11. Im sure NHL scouts use character as one of their measuring tools.
  12. Yah, i read it and kind of sounded like a jerk there. Sorry. But i know you can take it. Next to me, you probably have the thickest skin on here. Night dude. Im tired.
  13. I agree with all of this. But I think it's time for some new blood. That's where I think we differ. Holland was untouchable, and he should go out that way. Retire after this contract, and he will be very favorably remembered. Drag out the process until a forceable removal, and it wont be quite as good.
  14. You'd act like Winnepeg's GM? Yah, that guy is doing really swell. Winnepeg is just a Stanley Cup magnet. 5 did not qualifies and a 1st round exit in 2015. Holland, Winnepeg's GM, and you can all get together, kick some tires, and tell each other how much you like your teams.
  15. You already had it, bro-gaine! You're all good, mang.