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  1. Jonas Mahonas

    Larkin's Stick Slamming

    Larkin still doing it.
  2. Jonas Mahonas

    LGW Upkeep

    If this site continues to bungle, I will help you with the creation and upkeep of a sister site. Next time it's down, email me - This site has brought me a lot of entertainment, so I will never fully abandon it. But I'd like our back up plan to feel like home, too. HOF Boards site feels like a hotel.
  3. Jonas Mahonas

    LGW Upkeep

    Why arent we seeing any response from Matt? This is strange.
  4. Jonas Mahonas

    Happy Thanksgiving LGW!

  5. Jonas Mahonas

    LGW Upkeep

    Leftwinger: Am i a joke to you?
  6. Jonas Mahonas

    LGW Upkeep

    Spam removal is 90 percent of the battle. Cool.
  7. Jonas Mahonas

    LGW Upkeep

    Yup! Are you capable od site maintenance?
  8. Jonas Mahonas

    LGW Upkeep

    Ha ha ha
  9. Jonas Mahonas

    LGW Upkeep

    Cool. That would be great.
  10. Jonas Mahonas

    LGW Upkeep

    Any chance we could promote Mabus and 2 others with webpage knowhow to site supervisors and make CRL, KRSmith, and Kipwinger mods? This webpage needs help in a bad way. The Red Wings are crappy, but that doesnt mean LGW needs to be a mess too.
  11. Jonas Mahonas

    Larkin's Stick Slamming

    Kid needs to grow up and stop this stupid s***. Be a pro, already.
  12. Jonas Mahonas

    Would you bring back Babcock?

    When Babcock snubbed Fedorov at the ceremony, I joined the Como64 team. Babcock is a sh#tty human. No reason to give 2 pints of piss about him.
  13. Jonas Mahonas

    What is up with the forums

    Im starting LezGoWings during the next stoppage.
  14. Jonas Mahonas

    Athanasiou Leading The Tournament

    You should have come.