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  1. Jonas Mahonas

    Rumors Thread

    that was a good one, for some reason!
  2. Jonas Mahonas

    10/26 - Jets @ Wings - The Joe must go on Edition - 4PM PST

    Joedin Valhaleno, I thank you. May your stick stay curved and flexible, and may your stomping skate blades stay lightning fast and sharp. BBQ Sauce FTW. Tangy and thicker. The lines left Deetwa and are now in St. Louis. Glovers Gon Glove.
  3. They should make it so the visiting team gets 2 pts for a tie and the home team gets 1. No overtime. done
  4. Yah, we all got robbed of a great game last night. That stick throw call has got to be made. Doesn't matter if it slipped or if it was on purpose. That's a call that has to get made. We might have lost 5-1 after that if it had been called, but the call has got to be made. It was an open net chance for Maatta. I highly doubt he buries that, but it was disrupted by a play that is against the rules BLATANTLY. I haven't seen a blown call that bad in a LONG time.
  5. one thing not mentioned here is the Wings have played a lot of games. 3 games in 4 days. 5 of 6 pts aint too bad.
  6. Jonas Mahonas

    Rumors Thread

    Just heard Kane 3 x 6 is a done deal. Only thing holding it up is cap space management. Expect to see it by end of month.
  7. that entire game got rearranged by s h i t officiating. Thats the worst officiating Ive seen in an NHL game since the dude who f u c k e d over ylthe Canucks and got canned by the NHL. French ref.
  8. oh well. Good game. Our goalie position is not super solid right now. This guy let in 2 goals tonight that should be stopped.
  9. and Howard translates to "Leg Fingers" in Murphyish.
  10. Make sure to get the point. A point keeps the momentum rolling. And Rasmussen has SUCKED ASS tonight. He's totally invisible out there. Time to give him a scratch or two and give Kasper a few games.
  11. Nice shot. Lots of pick plays allowed on that power play. But Ville has to stop SOMETHING. He's been a sieve tonight.
  12. Another way to look at is that he's scored 80 Zadina games of goals so far this year.
  13. Nice play, Roadhouseman. The Glover with the academy award. Ok, wining on 3 pp goals on 6 pps doesn't quite feel as nice unless they have some chances too. I'm good with it. Weak call, but i'm good with it.
  14. Chiarot is a sweet kid with his wrister.