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  1. Did you rock your Brendo jersey?
  2. This is just a thank you. That's all.
  3. The plastics ran a lot of members away. It's a bummer.
  4. You must not know who our GM is. I got Kronwall pegged as a Eed Wing through 2025.
  5. Holland cant even cellar dwell right. This organization is so crippled right now. I feel like a pile of tires in Ken Holland's backyard right now.
  6. The reality is Green and Dekeyser are 2nd pairing guys. They shouldn't be playing against top tier guys.
  7. I cant wait to see if we get an impact player in the draft.
  8. We are doing so well. All the prospect experts in here making snide comments about others who liked certain prospects and players that are gone now are sure geniuses. We are really doing well.
  9. We suck at everything else. Can we at least please just not suck at getting good draft picks? This is stupid.
  10. EVIL Sheahanigans!!!
  11. Why fire the coach when he loses when we need to lose?
  12. Power forwards fight. Larkin doesn't.
  13. What a sorry 4th line. Those guys stink.