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#2195668 Forward lines next season?

Posted by puckbags on 03 July 2011 - 01:18 AM

someone was being an idiot. and i showed them why they were being an idiot. don't be a dickhead just because i did the same to you in another thread and you're ticked about it.

also, don't respond to this. if you do, i won't respond to you. there are a ton of ppl here worth listening to, and you're not one of them.

The irony in that alone is just awesome, we all try not to listen to you but f*** you make 343432 line threads a week, you cluster f*** the main board, its pure entertainment now.

#2195299 Forward lines next season?

Posted by puckbags on 02 July 2011 - 03:25 PM


i'm going to talk you through this...nice...and...slow...and...simple...okay??

how many forwards can you dress on a team??


how many forwards do you usually see carried on a team??


how many forwards did we have under contract before july 1?

12 (1-datsyuk, 2-zetterberg, 3-franzen, 4-filppula, 5-hudler, 6-cleary, 7-holmstrom, 8-bertuzzi, 9-helm, 10-abdelkader, 11-mursak, 12-emmerton

how many forwards do we have under contract since after july 1?

14 (13-eaves, 14-miller)

...so now, you, genius, tell me how the signing of eaves and miller does not effect the potential signing of a "jagr type"?

or, as I'm sure you're too stupid to do, you can just acknowledge that you were wrong and move on.


I've never seen a dude get so defensive, you're like a zitty 14 yr old kid who's gf just broke up with him..you just set yourself up for it. Go turn on your Bieber, have a milkshake, fire up your line thread program on your Ipad and chill out.