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In Topic: Report: Red Wings out on Lecavalier - signs with Philly 5@4.5 per

02 July 2013 - 06:35 PM

This contract is going to be hilarious in 2 years when Vinny REALLY can't skate anymore.. Full NMC for a regressing 33 year old centre. Glad Holland didn't bite.


I agree 100%...  We have some good forwards in the pipeline and have to have room for them...

In Topic: Report: Red Wings out on Lecavalier - signs with Philly 5@4.5 per

02 July 2013 - 05:57 PM

5 years 4.5 per. I would have taken that


I saw a Tweet yesterday, the source escapes me but it was a typically-credible source, that said that Lightening players he had spoken to suggested that Lacavalier was still effective below the dots, but struggled to get up and down the ice.  That's consistent with the 'slow pace' others have been reporting.


The Black Hawks won the cup thanks in no small part to their speed.  The Wings took the Hawks to 7 games, thanks in no small part to our speed and will to win. I really don't think Vinny would have been the right fit for us... Especially on a 5 year contract.  Remember, we have Jarnkrok and Sheahan knocking on the door. They're both centers. 

In Topic: Report: Red Wings out on Lecavalier - signs with Philly 5@4.5 per

02 July 2013 - 05:41 PM

If Holmgren gives Lecavalier 5x5 after buying out Bryz and Briere for bad contracts.... man.


Don't worry. It's being reported as 5 years and only $23.5 million.... So much better than 5 X $5mm wouldn't you say? 

In Topic: Bouwmeester to Blues

02 April 2013 - 08:01 AM

The Wings have tons of young talent and are a well-positioned to continue their unmatched excellence for years to come.  However, after Datsyuk and Zetterberg, they lack star power.  Howard, Kronwall, Franzen, Filppula are very solid players, but they are not stars. A handful of the young talent may rise to become stars, but they have a long way to go... and nothing is guaranteed. 


If you want the Wings to become contenders year-in and year-out, Kenny's challenge is to land a 'star' defensemen... and a 'star' forward (or two) who can complement Zetterberg's talents... and help convince Datsyuk to stay in North American beyond next year. 


Bouwmeester is undoubtedly a solid player, but he is not star caliber.  He would have made the Wings a better team, but not a serious cup contender.  Plus, his cap hit (virtually the same as Datsyuk's) would have handcuffed Holland and made it virtually impossible for him to turn this Wings team into a serious threat for the Cup... not only this year, but for years to come. 

In Topic: Z basically says Bettman should be fired

06 October 2012 - 12:29 PM

Simply put, without the fans there wouldn't be an NHL and neither the owners or the players would be making the money they do. without the fans, there is no game to save.

i spend probably close to a $1,000 a year on tickets, merchandise, nhl center ice, etc. In return, i expect that the players are out there on the ice playing to their best abilities.

Take the winter classic for example, there are people from all over the world coming to this event who have already spent a lot of their hard earned money in travel and for hotels to come and watch these guys play. and all of that might be for nothing because millionaires and billionaires can't decide how to split up "our" money.

when it comes to a new cba, as a paying fan, i expect both sides to work their asses off and get a deal done, but neither side has shown any willingness to put aside their pride and egos to get a new deal done

Not sure I agree. The owners asked players to essentially stay in the same CBA system except at much worse levels... Owners asked players to kick in about 25% of their contracts; become ineligible for free agency until late in their career; and otherwise give in to the owners... While the players at least showed some initiative and proposed an alternative arrangement designed to start propping up the financially-stressed clubs. Did the players go far enough? No... But did the owners suggest anythng of merit? Absolutely not. Same system... worse conditions for players. The owners offered zero; nada; nothing in return for total capitulation from the players. The owner's position seems to be that since Columbus is losing a bazillion dollars a year, the salary of every single player in the leagure should be limited to a salary-level that guarantees Columbus break-even... Nevermind that under that solution the rich clubs like Toronto and New York just get richer and richer and richer. The players are limited to the lowest common denominator, while the owners make more and more money. It's the same insane argument that American workers have compete with slave labor in China and that's just how it is... because I (the owners) say so...