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#1935517 Crosbys first 50 goal season

Posted by BUHdactyl on 09 April 2010 - 12:54 PM

Bottom line is that this is a Red Wings forum, and nobody here gives two s***s about Crosby and his 49 goals this season. Majority of the people who bother to post on this forum love the sport for how great it is, and for no other reason. The thing about Sidney Crosby is that he's been built up to be the epic hockey master of all time, some even going as far as to compare him to Gretzky and so on even before he'd blossomed into the player he is today. He has been forced down the throats of hockey fans, and we're being forced to hear his name in nearly every broadcast, even if we aren't playing Pittsburgh. There's a reason why nearly everyone on this board would like to see Stamkos surpass both Ovechkin and Crosby and that's because Steve Stamkos is not being FORCED down our throats. We don't have to hear everyday how awesome and perfect he is - we're able to form our own opinions of him based on his game, rather than have someone elses opinions hammered into our ears day in and day out. There is no denying the fact that Crosby is great and he is an elite player, but I can't help but hate him because of the s***storm created in his name each day by every network/radio station.

Some of you piss and moan about how most of us hate the guy, but even Crosby himself must be on the verge of puking every time he logs onto NHL.com or watches a game on Versus. Take your Crosby love to another forum or just accept the fact that most people here aren't going to want to hear about him. We hear enough about him every time we turn on our TVs, and if anything LetsGoWings should be a sanctuary for us wishing nothing more than to enjoy the sport / team we love without the irritation of, "Crosby scores most," "Crosby Better Goalie than Brodeur," or "Sid the Kid : Olympic God."

It feels like this whole thing is like a bad joke and those of you who support him just don't get it. Go Stamkos.