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2013 Winter Classic Tickets On Sale?

11 July 2012 - 09:22 AM

Here is a press release indicating tickets went on sale:

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman recently announced the highly anticipated specifics of the 2013 Winter Classic, giving hockey fans in Michigan and Ontario reason to rejoice. TicketProcess.com has decided to give the fans even more reasons to be happy by giving them an opportunity to purchase Winter Classic tickets from now until they are all gone. Ticket Process makes several guarantees, but the long-term availability of tickets to the Winter Classic is not one of them. In short, the only way to be sure to secure 2013 Winter Classic tickets is to visit the top-ranked ticket site right now.
The annual outdoor hockey game will feature the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday, January 1st. For the first time ever the event will take place at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. Otherwise known as “The Big House,” the stadium holds just over 115,000 fans, which is the most of any football stadium in all of North America. Even so, representatives from the NHL expect Winter Classic tickets to sell out very rapidly over the course of the upcoming weeks.
The concept of playing hockey outdoors in not a new one, but it has been largely unpractical in the NHL, where many teams would be playing in driving snowstorms for the majority of their home games. When isolated to one day and given a flexible start time, the game becomes less of a meteorological risk and more of a celebration of the great sport of hockey in a fun and unique format. The Big House is sure to be rocking on New Year’s Day of next year, and only a small portion of the folks that have dreams of attending the historic event in person will actually have the guts and gumption to act in time.
The Red Wings are perennial contenders in the Western Conference, and by the time the game rolls around it is likely that Mike Babcock will have his boys in contention for another Stanley Cup. Toronto also has a vast and proud fans base, and the heart of the Canadian capital is just a little over 400 miles from the stadium. Thousands of folks from north of the border will certainly be making the trip. The rosters of both squads are filled with a mixture of veterans and youthful players, and each one of them will be full of energy and adrenaline on what is sure to be a magical night. The site also offers great summer events such as tickets for baseball games and National Football League.

Source: Malik Report

Ticket Process

Any one else find this odd? I've never heard of or used Ticket Process before. Is it legit? Any one buying tickets?

In Anticipation of 2012 Draft

06 June 2012 - 02:14 PM

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Several other teams either had similar knowledge or had pursued Bure, but there was confusion as to the legitimacy of the extra games. The Detroit Red Wings had inquired to league vice president Gil Stein as to Bure's supposed availability prior to their fifth-round pick, but were told that he was not eligible.[19] Winnipeg Jets general manager Mike Smith claimed he travelled to Moscow prior to the draft and made a offer to the Soviet Ice Hockey Federation. The deal involved a transfer fee to be paid to the Soviets over three years, after which time, Bure would join the Jets as a 21-year-old. Smith did not have any plans to draft Bure in 1989, however, as he believed Bure was ineligible.[20]

General manager Pat Quinn originally intended to draft Bure in the eighth round, but after receiving word that the Edmonton Oilers had similar intentions, he selected him in the sixth.[19] Detroit's European scout Christer Rockstrom immediately began protesting, while several other unidentified team representatives reportedly stormed the Met Center stage in Minnesota, where the draft was being held, following the announcement of Bure's draft.[21] The Hartford Whalers and Washington Capitals then filed formal complaints to the league, resulting in an investigation into the selection.[19] After the pick was deemed illegal by league president John Ziegler in a press release on May 17, 1990, the Canucks appealed the decision, procuring game sheets proving Bure's participation in the additional games with the help of recent Soviet acquisition Igor Larionov. It was not until the eve of the 1990 NHL Entry Draft, in which Bure would have been re-entered, that the draft choice was upheld

I thought we could change it up a bit from the everday UFA talks...

Who Will be at Game 3?

12 April 2012 - 11:14 AM

I'm thinking that since there are a lot of us who come on LGW basically daily and that there is a pretty good chance a bunch of us will be going to Game 3 that we should organize some sort of rallying cry. Whether that be a series of similar signs, or chants, or maybe we should all gather behind Rinne in the warm up and casuse some havoc. Im just saying I think we need LGW to be known at the Joe this Sunday.

So who's going?


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Justin Schultz a Potential Wings UFA Target

29 March 2012 - 11:31 AM

I wanted to get some people's thoughts on the potential signing of Justin Schultz (asusming he does not re-sign with Anaheim). I'm sure the bulk of you would be interested in the Wings signing him but the real question would be where does he fit into the depth chart this off-season if such a signing were to occur?

Here are some links:

The Future of Justin Schultz

TSN Schultz

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